Thursday, June 7, 2018

Mad Hatters

I love hats.  I don't always have the courage to wear them, but I wish it was still the thing to do, the way it was back in the day, because I think they're so much fun.  If I lived in England (the land of my father's people), I probably wouldn't be as shy about donning a chapeau--especially if I went to Ascot, or was lucky enough to be invited to a royal wedding.

I mean really, hat-watching is one of the most enjoyable activities for me when these oh-so-British events are televised.
Those two young princes are very cute and all, and their uniforms are quite dapper; but I can't stop looking at the hats!
This isn't the first time I've blogged about the sometimes quite attractive and other times completely outlandish hats worn at a royal wedding.  I did so here, in this old post  from 2014, back when Prince William and Kate Middleton were still the couple everyone was talking about.

There were actually some very lovely hats and fascinators at this recent wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.  Here are a few that I particularly liked.

It is not surprising that Kate rocked hers.  She always looks impeccable.

Back in the summer of 2013, I was invited to a wedding shower for Preciosa (now the wife of my middle son and the mother of his three children).  We met up with some old college friends of hers here in VA (one of them being Ginger, who would meet my second-born son at the wedding and is now his wife and the mother of his two sons, with another baby on the way).  Knowing that I was planning to wear a hat for the wedding, they convinced me to buy a rather dramatic fascinator that we saw in a small boutique.

However, when it came right down to it, I didn't have the guts to wear it. I even removed a long black feather from it to see if that would help me feel less conspicuous in it, but no dice.  I spent $50 on that crazy thing, and it's been sitting in a hat box in my closet for the past five years.

Recently, inspired by a photo Kendra Tierney shared on Instagram, in which she and her eldest daughter were wearing fashionable fascinators with their Easter finery, I dug it out of the closet, put it on, and a took a selfie.  Then I texted the photo to Ginger (who is as loyal a follower and fan of Kendra as I am).
Ginger thinks I should think about wearing this daring headpiece when my fifth and last son gets married.  I just might have to do that.  We shall see...

Before I sign off, I've just got to show you a couple of photos of my youngest grandchild (as of now), an angelic, constantly smiling 6-month-old lass who I've decided to call Rosita here at the blog (she is the youngest child of son #3 and Preciosa, the younger sister of G-Man and Princesa).  This sweet little gal looks utterly fab in a hat, let me tell you!

When I met up with some of my gang at a vineyard on Mother's Day, this fashionable little lady was sitting at a picnic table, waiting to greet me, wearing this wide-brimmed beauty on her adorable noggin.

Can.  You.  Even.  Stand.  It??!!

With that, my friends, I'm going to doff my proverbial hat and bid you all adieu.  Until next time!


  1. Are wedding bells on the horizon? I think the hat looks lovely!

    1. No—we were just planning for the likely future event. It looks like he probably won’t be going into the priesthood, so...;)

    2. I probably should have clarified that in the post! :)

  2. You absolutely need to wear that. Don't save it for a wedding, just wear it! And I think you should probably put the long feather back on, too!
    Back when we were little, I remember my mom always re-fashioning her hats for various occasions - and regular Sunday Mass was a worthy occasion! A couple of flowers from this one, netting from another and maybe a few gems from an old broach or pair of earrings and BOOM - a brand new hat! I thought the whole business was very glamorous!

    1. I loved this comment--so sorry I didn't reply to it right away! I can just see your mom creating a whole new hat out of stuff she had on hand. I think my mother-in-law probably used to do the same thing; and like your mom, Sunday Mass would have been a worthy enough occasion--forget royal weddings, right?

      I always enjoy seeing that you've stopped by! Thanks so much. :)

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  4. I loved looking at the hats and fashions, too! Laura, I think absolutely you should wear your fascinator. It's beautiful!

    And that little darling girl with her hat - precious!

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