Friday, March 30, 2018

The Real Face of Jesus

You might have seen this Aleteia article making its way around social media recently.  It is about a group that did intricate scientific studies of the Shroud of Turin, and using the information gleaned from it came up with a 3D model of the Man--Jesus Christ--who was wrapped in that cloth after His death by crucifixion.  It is a fascinating and thought provoking article, and if you haven't seen it yet you can read it here.

That article led me to click on some other related links, one of them a short YouTube video about an artist named Ray Downing, who has done a series of paintings of what is believed to be "The real face of Jesus" (also using information coded in the Shroud to come up with these images).  It's not a long video, and definitely worth a look, if you're interested.

I am so drawn to Downing's paintings.  I can't stop looking at them...because whenever I've tried to imagine what Jesus really looked like, this is the face I saw.  It really is.  These paintings are achingly beautiful.  Here are just some of them.

I love these images.  I can't seem to stop looking at them.  I feel as if in some way, they have actually drawn me closer to Our Lord.  I am so glad that I stumbled upon them just before Good Friday, because I believe they will help me to meditate today about the great Sacrifice He made for us, with His death on the Cross.  I just find myself wanting to look at them all the time.

Ecce homo.

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