Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Art Imitating Art

Back in the early days  of this blog, I had so many ideas for posts in my head and so much to SAY (or so I thought, anyway) that I actually not only blogged daily, but often had at least a few partially written posts languishing in my "drafts" folder.

Well, this morning I was looking through that folder and decided to finish an almost completed post that I began way back on March 11, 2014.  (Yes, you read that right--we're talking four years ago!)

Here's what I had all ready to post, but for some reason never did:


If you're new here, you might not know this about me--but I love art.  Love, love, love it.  (Unless it's modern art, where cans of paint are hurled haphazardly at a canvas--I don't love that.)

Aside from looking at truly great works of art, such as this,
Sybil of Delphi, from the Sistine Chapel murals, by an artist who's somewhat well-known.

I also enjoy creating truly not-great imitations, such as this.
From a girlhood sketchbook, by someone a lot less famous than Michelangelo. 

My artwork will never hang in the Louvre, but that's okay.  Even if the works I manage to produce aren't on par with the masters, the fact that I enjoy the process of producing them should be enough.  And it is.   Working on them has made my life so much richer, if only for the joy of the creative process.  And if art doesn't produce joy, then what is it for?

That being said, I'm taking a few days off from blogging about doing I can actually, you know, DO artwork.  I have an ABC Book to finish for my grandchildren!  (And thankfully, one need not be a Michelangelo to create illustrations that might appeal to little folks.)   So I'll see you in a few days...and hopefully by then, the E and F pages will be completed!


Well, I'm happy to say that in the four years since I wrote that unfinished post, I have completed the E and F pages, as well as the pages for some of the other letters.

I've still got a long way to go before the book is finished...but now I'm feeling motivated.  ABC Book, here I come!
You will be seeing illustrations for new pages in the months to come...I hope!

Otherwise, it will end up being a book for my great-grandchildren!


  1. It just hit me: when I first wrote this post, I had only 3 grandchildren, with another on the way...and now I have a dozen of them! What a difference a few years makes!!!

  2. That ABC book is going to be the sweetest gift for your grandchildren! How many letters left to go?

    1. 10 letters are done, and one is half-done (need to do a second page). Almost halfway there!!