Friday, April 21, 2017

Seven Quick Takes: Grammy Heaven

One of my daughters-in-law (Ginger, wife of son #2) mentioned that she likes reading these Quick Takes posts, and it got me thinking that it had been a while since I'd linked up with Kelly et al.  So here goes--a couple of random snapshots of life here in Northern VA, where I am currently in Grammy Heaven, hanging out with the little peeps that are already here and helping to prepare for the ones that will be arriving soon.

On Wednesday, I babysat for my middle son and his wife Preciosa, so that they could both go to her OB/GYN appointment and get a look at their third child on the sonogram screen.  I got to spend a couple of hours with my buddy, G-Man, who is particularly attached to me lately (not that I'm complaining, mind you) and his darling little sister, Princesa.  As I was getting ready to make the 38-minute drive (only 38 minutes!  Imagine!) from our house to theirs, Preciosa sent me a text telling me that G-Man was whining for me and wondering if I could leave a bit earlier than I'd planned.  Apparently, she'd made the mistake of telling him that I was coming soon not long after he woke up.  So this is how he spent most of his time until I finally got there.
Is it terrible for a grandmother to be sort of happy that her grandson is sad, if the reason is because she's not there yet?  I hope not, because I must admit that this photo of G-Man waiting for me makes my heart burst a little.  I don't even know why he's so crazy about me; I'm not the "fun" one (that would be Papa, who plays "upside-down boy" and games like that). I can only guess that there's still a special bond between us from those early months in his life, when I was living at his house and was his daily caretaker until his mommy was able to leave her job and become a full-time SAHM.

The reunion (after the three whole days we'd been apart since Easter Sunday) was a happy one!
Two-year-old boys, in my opinion, are practically the cutest things on earth.  Especially two-year-old boys in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jammies.

G-Man put me right to work writing out the alphabet and making a picture for each letter (he is utterly OBSESSED with letters and numbers--and a budding genius to boot). 

He also did my hair for me, free of charge. He is quite the stylist.  The hair salon's got nothing on this little guy.

G-Man wanted to be on my lap or right next to me on the couch the whole time he was up.  When naptime rolled around, however, Princesa decided that it was HER turn for full-on Grammy attention.  I let her cry for a bit, but she had a cough and a runny nose, and I didn't have the heart to listen to her for long.  So she and I got a little snuggle time in, which was heavenly.
Then we got a little one-on-one playtime in, too, while her big brother slept. 

Now on to Thursday, when I drove 35 minutes (only 35 minutes!  Imagine!) to son #4's house, on a mission to repaint the bedroom that will be the nursery for the triplets he's expecting with his wife, Braveheart.  (Talk about choosing the perfect blog name for this sweet daughter-in-law, who is facing the impending births of three babies at once with a great deal of courage.)  The room was a particularly loud shade of blue--the picture doesn't really tell the full story.  I can see why they wanted to paint it.  (Down the road, they will also want to paint the other guest room, which is Pepto-Bismol pink!)
They chose a more soothing shade for their babies, a soft mint green.

The kids left me a key so that I could let myself in and paint while they were at work.  When they got home, voila!  A whole new room!  (I love paint, don't you?  It can completely transform a room.)  They were so appreciative that they insisted on taking me out to dinner, which they didn't have to do.  (But it was fun, I must say.)

I loved our home in NH so much; but there were definitely times when I wished I lived closer to my kids and grandkids and could do more for them and their families on a regular basis.  So I'm really, REALLY glad we moved to VA, which truly is Grammy Heaven for me.

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  1. So glad you are reaping the benefits you had hoped for when you made the move!

    1. Thanks, Joy! It appears to have been the right move for us. :)

  2. I love it! So much Grammy goodness. How kind of you to paint and how kind of them to take you to dinner! They picked a lovely color for the triplets! You're going to call them The Big Three on the blog right?! How does a move change your husband's job? Does he just tell his airline that he wants to be based out of a different airport? I don't know any pilots so this is just my curiosity and has nothing to do with this awesome post.

    1. Yes, definitely--they will be called the Big Three here at the blog!!

      About my husband's job: technically, he's based in NYC. So he commuted there from Boston when we lived in NH. Now he has to fly from D.C. It's a tougher commute now; the traffic can be just awful, and there aren't as many flights per day to choose from as there were from Boston. It's a bit of a sacrifice for my husband; but he is happy to do it, because the benefits of being here outweigh the difficulties he encounters with his commute.

  3. That is a most beautiful shade of green. How often do you now get to see your grandkids? Do you drive to see them every weekend or how does that work for you? For years I have been driving most Saturdays to see my grandkids, except for holidays or when they come up for dinner once a month. They recently moved 40 minutes away which is further than they've been before. It's about the same distance as it is for you but since I work full time during the week I have to squeeze in errands and down time on the weekends as well.

    1. Aileen, it's been so great. So far, we haven't gone more than a few days between visits with one or the other (or all) of our kids. I am fortunate to have no work schedule, so I am available for visits or babysitting most days, and my husband's schedule is flexible. We're so happy we moved. :)

  4. It's rare that I hear or read of anyone wanting so much to love and give of herself to others, as you do, Laura. What a gift of a mother and grandmother!