Thursday, February 18, 2016

Daddy-Daughter Love

My husband and I are getting on the road today, heading south to spend a week and a half or so helping out son #3 and his wife Preciosa, who became the parents of a new baby girl about a week and a half ago.  With the birth of their sweet Princesa, they have two under two (big brother G-Man is 16 months old).

Right now, our oldest son has four daughters and our second-born has one small son. So we told our middle son that he and his wife will always have the distinction of being the first in our family to have children of both sexes (something my husband and I know nothing about, having raised only boys).  As everything was (is?) a competition in our all-boy house, he can claim that he's the winner at breaking that particular barrier.  His brothers may do it in the years to come, but he will always be the first.

It will be fun to watch yet another of our sons who grew up without sisters interact with his little girl.
So far, it appears to be a love match.
I know you're filled with the warmest of fuzzies looking at this precious image of daddy-daughter love, and saying to yourself, "That is without a doubt the sweetest picture I've ever seen!  How nice of Laura to share it!"  I know.  And you're welcome.

When I think of son #3 now, this saying comes to mind:
He will be G-Man's hero (I daresay he already is); and though she may grow up and find her own Prince Charming some day, he will always be Princesa's first love.


  1. I love it! We also broke the trend of having one of each gender and while it has never come up on Husband's side I know it is a place of pride for him. We also have the only boy carrying on his Grandfather's name out of 26 great-grandchildren (so far) so that's lovely too. Son #2 looks like he's got "dad of a girl" all figured out already!

  2. It is indeed a sweet picture, thanks for sharing, smiling :-)