Wednesday, October 21, 2015

I'm Giving Away a Not-Kindle Copy of Erin's Ring!

There's nothing like holding a real, honest-to-goodness, ink-and-paper book in your hands, is there?
It's funny that I even have to ask such a question, but the world has undergone some amazing changes in my lifetime.  And you see, I'm a fifty-something Grammy who can still vividly remember the pre-digital age, where there was no such thing as an eBook.  In my day, a book was a book was a book, and that was all there was to it.

To me, there's nothing as relaxing as settling back against the cushion of my favorite overstuffed chair (or better yet, propping myself up with pillows in my bed--that's the epitome of luxury!) with a brand-new, much-anticipated novel in my lap (preferably a weighty one, they're the best!), waiting to be cracked open, and a cup of sweet and creamy hot coffee resting on a table nearby.  If this scenario sounds like Heaven to you, we would get along swimmingly.

No offense, Kindle, but you just can't measure up to the perfection of a real live book.  Not in this woman's opinion, anyway.  For instance, I can't imagine a young mother reading to her small children while gathered around your glowing screen, when those eager readers would so much rather flip the glossy pages of a beautifully illustrated picture book. 
My grandson G-Man definitely likes to handle the pages of his favorite picture books.  He's a page-flipper of the highest order.
You're very convenient, Kindle, don't get me wrong: you can hold oodles of titles in your slim little body, and that makes you a great travel buddy for someone who often gobbles up her airplane reading on the way to her destination, and then has nothing left over for the return flight; and you have that handy built-in light, so a late-night reader doesn't have to panic if she finds herself in a guest room or hotel room without a reading lamp readily accessible.  But in spite of your state-of-the art bells and whistles and your heroic attempts to have your "pages" resemble the pages of an actual book, I just can't love you as much as I love a good old-fashioned, old-school tome.  (Even the musty smell of a really, really old one just adds to its charm!)
If you love to turn the pages of a book the way I do (and you can't resist a good page-turner of a novel with a surprise ending!), leave me a comment by Oct. 31 and you could win a signed copy of Erin's Ring.  I'll throw your name in a hat, and at midnight on Halloween I'll draw the winner.

This historical novel can be enjoyed by readers
from middle school to middle age!
One day, this book will most likely be available as a Kindle download.  But for now, it's being offered in paperback format only.  If you win the giveaway, I guarantee you'll be delighted when you receive your prize and see the lovely cover design, as well as the vintage look of the chapter headings with their Claddagh ring artwork embellishments.  My publisher at Bezalel Books, Cheryl Dickow, did a bang-up job of giving Erin's Ring a unique and compelling look, and I am so pleased with the way it turned out.  I think it's a pleasure to hold this paperback in your hands and flip through its pages.

There are only ten days left to enter the contest, so leave me a comment if you'd like to win a copy of this not-Kindle book--for yourself, or for the young reader on your Christmas shopping list.


  1. I would love to read this book and then put it on the shelf in our catholic high school classroom for students to check out. I'm loving the house you bought and am eagerly awaiting for It to be on VRBO. God bless!! Kathy

    1. Kathy, thanks for stopping by! Are you a high school teacher?

    2. No, I'm not. I work in the front office - I get to practice my faith 8 hours a day - daily hourly prayer, weekly Mass for the entire school, -- just awesome!!! And I agree, I would rather have a book in my hands than on my Kindle!!

  2. I so agree with this sentiment .... nothing is as good as a real live book!

    1. We are kindred spirits (not Kindle spirits--ha ha!). You'd think we were sisters or something.

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