Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Imitation Game

I am a huge fan of Kate Middleton's wardrobe--which makes me no different than everybody and her sister, I know.  Whenever I see a picture of this beautiful young royal, I drool over her outfit.  I would like to own pretty much every article of clothing in her closet and leave my house every day dressed Kate-style.  If I could afford the price tags on those designer duds of hers, I would be a total copy-cat.

But here's the rub: without her long, lean figure and her stunning face, framed by that glorious hair of hers, I don't know that the effect would be quite the same on me.
See what I mean?  The gal on the right there is perfectly fine-looking, like most of the rest of us commoners; but somehow she doesn't pull off this coat with the same panache as Kate.  (Of course, the hat helps.)

If I was slim and gorgeous, a long drink of glamorous water, this is how I would dress:


She seems to wear a lot of blue, doesn't she?  I, too, love all the shades of blue. Especially the shade known as royal.

Apparently, there are Kate-watchers who keep track of the number of times she wears particular colors.  (Some of us need to get a life, I guess!) 

Green came in at 9%, which is a lower percentage than it would be if I had the clothing budget Kate has.  Green is actually one of my favorite colors to wear (along with blue, red, and purple).

I like that Kate Middleton wears simple, closed-toe pumps (my favorite sort of dress shoe).  I like that she wears pantyhose (they don't seem to be "in" anymore, but I wouldn't be caught dead without them).  I also like that she recycles wardrobe pieces and is okay with being photographed in them more than once.

That's one classy coat, Kate; I can see why you love it.  If I had one like it, I would wear it over and over, too. 

I absolutely love coats, and would be happy if they could be worn pretty much year-round.  Not that I want to live in a frozen tundra or anything--but even the need for a light jacket in the summer would be my preference (though where I live, there are definitely some months that are too warm for any sort of outerwear).

Some of the most beloved articles of clothing in my wardrobe are coats and jackets.  And I am always tempted to buy new ones, even though I certainly don't "need" them.  A couple of months ago, I picked up this hot pink beauty for a fraction of its regular price at the Talbot's after-season sale.

I blogged about this coat in a What I Wore Sunday post called "In the Pink (and Spreading Happiness)!"  You don't think Kate might have stumbled upon that post, do you?  Because, she copying me?
I'm sure that's it.


  1. Oh my gosh, Kate is totally copying you!!! Although what do you want to bet she didn't wait for an after season sale? That's a perk of being a royal... not having to sit around waiting for sales.

    Fun post!

    1. So true--I bet she doesn't shop the clearance sales. But I do admire the fact that she at least wears things over and over again. And also that her clothing is so modest--it proves that keeping covered up doesn't mean you have to look frumpy!

    2. I, too, love her style! It's simple, classic, and elegant!

  2. Haha! You are so funny! I think she totally copied you.

    I love, love her style, too. However, I especially love her hair (when she does up do's). :-)