Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mimi's Got a Brand-New Hip

Remember I told you about how my poor mom had fallen at home and broken her hip?  (Here's that post, if you missed it.)  Well, I am happy to report that she has recovered nicely from her hip replacement surgery.  She was in a rehabilitation center for over a month afterward, learning how to move and take care of herself with her new apparatus.  (Now that she has a state-of-the-art titanium ball and socket, the former "Energizer Bunny" has morphed into the "Six Million Dollar Woman.")

Mom/Mimi is home, finally, which makes my dad a very happy Bigfoot.  (That's what his grandkids call him, which you know if you visit here often.  If you don't...well, it's sort of hard to explain...)  He wasn't doing so great without her.  See that Band-Aid on his forehead?  Never one to be left out, he had a little fall of his own while his best girl was over at the rehab center.  :(

My dad is 80 and my mom is 79; this June, they will celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary.  And they're still a pretty ding-dang cute couple, don't you think?
Thanks to all of you who said prayers for Mimi.  She and her brand-new, very high-tech hip certainly appreciate them!


  1. Wonderful news. Your parents are so young!! And your Mum is simply stunning!

  2. She really is doing well! I am very proud of the hard work she put in at the nursing home during physical therapy. She was bound and determined she was going home .... and soon!

  3. yes, they are lovely! So happy to hear this news. :)

  4. So glad to hear she is doing well!!