Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From Ascension Press: Altaration--The Mystery of the Mass Revealed

The world has undergone some frightening alterations.

Recently here at the blog, I told you about college scholarships that are being awarded to high school students who write the best essays explaining how human beings are destroying the planet and therefore how urgently government control is needed to curb population.  Those scholarships are being awarded right here, in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave--not in some communist country overseas. The group responsible is Negative Population Growth, and it's holding a carrot before American kids, trying to lure them with the promise of thousands of dollars in prize money.  Like the evil queen's apple in Snow White, there is hidden poison in that carrot; but many will look upon this group's scholarship offer as a good opportunity for our young people.

The world is in an altered state, my friends, where bad is good and good is bad.

As if brainwashing high school-aged kids about the supposed evils of allowing man to "go forth and multiply" (as he was instructed by God) isn't scary enough, there is also a children's book out there on the subject of abortion, called Sister Apple, Sister Pig, wherein the wiping out of unwanted offspring is painted as a good choice for families.  In this book, youngsters are being given the insidious, soul-killing message that human lives can (even should!) be snuffed out at any time, for any reason...and that this is a good thing.  The aborted sister of little Lee is described as a "happy ghost," and  Lee surmises that his mommy and daddy had to get rid of her so that there would be plenty of food for the rest of them, and so that his sister and he wouldn't fight and make their parents mad.

Children's books that paint abortion as a dreamy, happily-ever-after fairy tale...yes, the world is indeed in an altered state.  It is a world that I hardly recognize anymore.

When I first heard about this diabolical book, I logged onto Google and typed "children's book about abortion" in the search barin order to read more about it--to, as my husband and I call it, "research the enemy."  When I did so, I found another incredibly disturbing site: there was one of those question and answer forums, and a teenager had written, "I'm a 10th grade student and I have to write a children's book about abortion for my English class."  He went on to ask if anyone had any advice on how to proceed with his creative writing assignment.

Lord help us all, that is what constitutes a school assignment in the Brave New World we inhabit!

Yes, Lord help us all.  He is the only one who can.  Young people these days need to know Christ better, to understand that it is only through Him that we can ever be saved.  Even practicing Catholics (not just young ones, but those of my generation, too, whose formation in the Faith was far from adequate) need to know and love Him better, to more fully understand the Mass and all the graces it provides, to truly comprehend the awesome, life-giving (life-altering!) power of the Holy Eucharist.

Luckily, there are groups at work fighting against forces like Negative Population Growth and the abortion lobby--fighting those forces by providing much-needed teaching materials that should be in the religious education classrooms of Catholic high school students everywhere.  Over at Ascension Press, they have created a DVD series for teens called "Altaration--The Mystery of the Mass Revealed."
Here is the powerful trailer for "Altaration":
If you're interested in ordering the "Altaration" DVD set and other educational materials that go along with it, click here.

I'm hoping to get ahold of a copy of the complete set myself, and when I do I'll give it a thorough review.  But after having seen the trailer, I feel confident that I can recommend "Altaration"--to Catholic educators, to parents raising young people in a world that has undergone disturbing alterations, and even to Grammys like me, who are concerned about the faith formation of their beloved grandchildren.  I commend Ascension Press (who also produced the "Chosen" series) for the beautiful evangelization tools they're providing for our teens.  May God bless their efforts, and may this series lead many souls to become true soldiers for Christ in this world...and ultimately, to Heaven!


  1. A thousand yeses and amens. You said it perfectly. The world is in an altered state... where bad is good and good is bad. Almost every day anymore (no exaggeration), I hear something that makes me think I must have fallen asleep along the way and awakened in a sci-fi novel. Thank you for saying all of this so well.

    Maybe it's time for someone to write very clearly about this in a novel geared toward youth (..SMILE WINK SMILE...)

    1. Oh, Nancy, thank you for your kind comments. But when it comes to subjects such as these, I feel so inadequate trying to put my feelings into words! I am overwhelmed, I truly am. And I'm with you: "Almost every day...I hear something that makes me think I must have fallen asleep along the way and awakened in a sci-fi novel." Talk about saying it perfectly! That's it--that's just how I feel!

      And hey, it just so happens that contemplating this altered world my grandchildren would inherit is exactly what motivated me to write a couple of novels geared toward youth...:) ;) :)