Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Announcing the Giveaway Winners

Well, if you've been stopping by lately you know that I was running a giveaway in honor of National Library Week, and that if you commented before midnight on April 18, your name would be thrown into the hat for a chance to win a signed copy of either Erin's Ring or Finding Grace.
Yes, [sheepish smile], I realize it's the 21st already, and I'm a little late notifying the winners.  But here's what's been keeping me otherwise occupied.


Selfies with my little cuddle-bug.
Oh wow...I've sunk to new lows to make excuses for my lazy blogmanship of late--because yes, I've been spending the weekdays as a full-time nanny-Grammy to my sweet little G-Man, and that leaves me fewer opportunities for writing at my laptop; but he and his parents went out of town last weekend, so I had ample time on Sunday to put together a post announcing the winners of the giveaway.  It's just been hard for me to focus lately, dear readers.

But without further ado [imagine a drumroll here]: 

Joy (of Joy in the Morning) has won a copy of Erin's Ring.
Annie (of Annery at Home) has won a copy of Finding Grace.

As an added bonus, I decided to give away one extra copy of Erin's Ring, to the reader who left the very first comment after I announced the giveaway on March 31.  And that one goes to Donna--who said she has some Irish ancestry herself and is therefore intrigued by the story.

Ladies, contact me via the "Email me" button down there on the sidebar, and let me know where I should send your prizes.  Thanks a million for playing along.  (And if you enjoy the books, a short endorsement on Amazon, if you're so moved, would be much appreciated.)   ;)

**Next Tuesday, we'll have  meeting of the Grace-filled Tuesdays book club.  And I think we'll talk about character development in my first novel, Finding Grace, if you'd like to join me.


  1. Yeah! Thank you! I can't wait to read it.

  2. Donna and Joy, copies of Erin's Ring will be in the mail shortly! Thanks for your comments. :)

  3. I love the photos - I have some like the "snuggles" one, of grandbabies just that age in my lap, hand over gramma's hand exactly like that. Treasures!

    Congratulations to your winners! :)

    1. Yes, Nancy--aren't grandchild snuggles the best? And I'm always taking pictures of his little their little hands when they're sitting on me. I love their hands.