Tuesday, December 2, 2014


You probably figured that this post was going to be about my identical twin granddaughters (now three-and-a-half).  But I tricked you, it's not.  It's about my #2 son and me.

My second-born has always had a strong resemblance to his dear old mom.  Back in July of 2013 I blogged about it here at String of Pearls, and I showed you this side-by-side photo comparison.  Kind of eerie, isn't it?
I used to dress my two oldest boys like twins, as you can see.
(How do you like the athletic shorts & dress shirt combo?)
But this little guy looked more like me than his older brother!
We could indeed be twins here.  Put my chin-length, sponge roller-curled hair on him, and he's pretty much me; or cut my locks off, and I'm pretty much him.  Am I right?

Well, that smooth-faced little boy grew up, and the resemblance between us seemed to be a thing of the past.  For instance, today he sports varying amounts of facial hair (which I don't, thank goodness...YET, anyway!).  His soft boy face has morphed into a rugged man face.  I'm a shrinking Grammy with fragile bones, and he's a big, strong ex-offensive lineman.  How could we possibly still look alike? 

Well, check out this mother-son picture from his November 2014 wedding.
I'd say the resemblance is still going strong, wouldn't you?  Take some hair off his face, and put a lot more on his head (and I mean A LOT, because I'd had the volume pumped way up on mine, thanks to a salon treatment that was gifted to me by my new daughter-in-law), and he's pretty much me again.  Can you see it?

While you're at it, notice that we even dressed up in a similar shade of gray. Awww...and we didn't even plan that.

I used to think it would be interesting, after Bonny Babe and Cutie Pie get a little bit older, to ask what it's like to look at another person's face and feel like you're looking in a mirror.  Never mind.  I think I know!