Saturday, December 20, 2014

Ready and Waiting

I've been busy making my house ready to have all five sons, four daughters-in-law, four grandchildren (and let's not forget two big dogs!) staying in it for about a week, starting this afternoon!  The great thing is that this two-story Colonial in which we raised our family is going to be able to fit 15 people and a pair of dogs fairly comfortably...which means that my husband and I are never, ever going to sell it.  (And if the grandkids keep coming--let's hope they do!--we may just have to convert our walk-up attic into a dormitory.)

Two of my sons are on the road right now, traveling up north from VA.  Son #3 is set to arrive within the hour, with his wife Preciosa and almost-three-month-old son G-Man; so is son #4 and his wife Braveheart, with their canine "babies" Allie and Finny.  A few hours after my two Charlottesville boys get here, my husband will be returning from his last trip until after the New Year (woot woot!), and he will meet our baby (a college senior who's flying in from Notre Dame) at the airport in Boston, then they'll drive home together.

Tomorrow, our firstborn, his wife of five years Regina, and their three adorable daughters will join the party.  And the day after that, #2 son and Ginger (the newlyweds!) will round out the crew.

To say that I'm looking forward to Christmas this year is the understatement of the century.

I have been baking, wrapping presents, cleaning, and arranging all the rooms so that everyone has a bed.  (Except my baby, who will be sleeping on a couch--which he will have no trouble doing, since he's been blessed with the ability to sleep anywhere, anytime, with lights, noise, etc. This is a handy skill that he and his brothers inherited from their Mom's side of the family tree.)

I'm on my way out to the grocery store, to get a few key items that we won't be able to do without around here once the gang has fully descended upon us.  So I'll just leave you with a few pictures that tell the story of my recent activities (which have not included blogging, you might have noticed!).

The Nativity is set up in its place of honor in the dining room...


...and I hope our grandchildren are entranced by it.

I've added length to our already quite long dining room table, by putting a round drop-leave table at the end, with one side down.  We should be able to squeeze 14 people around it now!  (G-Man gets a lap--mine, if I have anything to say about it!)

 The tree is lit!

Family game night, anyone?
And you can tell there are going to be little people around, that's for sure.
The fridge has magnets on it, for the wee animal lovers who
will arrive tomorrow!

This hand-crafted rocking horse, which we bought
from a FL neighbor for their father--about 30 years ago--
is still in great condition!

The high chair we bought for their dad is still in remarkably good shape,
too.  (There's a crack in the tray, but Grammy took care of that.)
There are Santas all over the place!

A got a new, very sturdy, version of "The Night Before Christmas,"
and I think we'll start a new tradition this year, and have Papa read it
aloud to the kids on Christmas Eve.
I hope the grandkids will be delighted with my little lighted village.

It's Ralphie's house and school from the movie "A Christmas Story,"
and the bridge from the movie "It's a Wonderful Life. "
I'm leaving some of the sugar cookies unadorned--and I plan to get some help decorating them, from a trio of miniature baker's assistants.

Well, it won't be long before the first of the troops will be pulling in the driveway, so I must go.  Is it possible to be TOO happy, I wonder?


  1. To be with family? No such thing. Merry Christmas Pearl Family!

  2. Ooo can just imagine how EXCITED you must be!!:):):):) Merry Christmasxxxxxxx

  3. So happy for you all! Have a wonderful Christmas!!