Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Hubby, the Irishman

Uh oh...I'm doing it again.  Re-posting.  This one is from 2012, but I thought it might be worth a repeat here at String of Pearls.  I've just had a second YA Catholic novel published, titled Erin's Ring, and this new book is a love letter to the Irish people and their God (also known as THE God!).

Reading this old post today about my husband, he of the 100% Celtic blood (don't know where the name "Pearl" came from, though,  because it doesn't sound very Irish), I realized why both of my books are so heavily populated with Irish and Irish-American characters!  Love, love, love those Irish.

So here's that post.  Click on it and give it a read, won't you now?  Faith 'n beggorah, it's a good one, 'tis indeed.  Promise!
Please note the shamrock suspenders!

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