Sunday, December 7, 2014

A Lot Can Sure Happen in a Year!

One year ago today, our middle son married his Preciosa.  It was an extraordinarily beautiful day, and the start of an extraordinarily beautiful life.
These two kids are perfect for each other, in every possible way.  Both have happy dispositions.  They are both the type of people who make friends easily and love to plan fun outings.  They are both passionate about college football (and live in a house divided, with Preciosa rooting for her beloved Seminoles, while son #3 wonders what ever happened to the luck of the Irish!).  They are fiercely devoted to whomever and whatever they love...and more than anything, they love each other.

I'm so proud of these two young newlyweds, who found each other on out there in the post-college world they just weren't meeting the kind of people with whom they felt they could share their futures.  They were looking for faith-filled mates who shared their love of the Catholic Church and its teachings, and who would take seriously the sacramental aspect of marriage.  And what's especially refreshing in this day and age is that they wanted to put themselves 100% in God's hands, knowing that He alone is the perfect "family planner" and would send them children when they were ready.  Well...

Less than two months after they recited their wedding vows, they got the joyful news that their first child was on the way.  And this absolutely adorable little guy was their reward for their trust in God's will for their marriage.
Is that not THEE cutest face you've ever seen?  (Tied with three other faces, actually--said this proud Grammy.)  He often seems to be the spitting image of his dear old dad at that age; but other times, we can see his mommy in that expressive little face.  He's part dad, part mom--but he's ALL G-Man!  And like all of God's creations, he is utterly one-of-a-kind.

A lot can sure happen in a year's time, can't it?

Happy anniversary to my sweet boy and his sweet girl.  You have made a beautiful start on what I pray is a long and happy life together, and I couldn't love you more or be more proud of you. 

(Now kiss that little boy's cheeks for me, and tell him Grammy can't wait to see him in a few weeks!)


  1. So lovely their dispositions match as well as everything else! and your grandson is just gorgeous!:)

  2. All true, Erin--everything you said!