Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oficially Announcing "Grace-filled Tuesdays"

Cheryl Dickow, the grace-filled and accomplished woman at the helm of a wonderful Catholic publishing company called Bezalel Books (publisher of Finding Grace, and future publisher of my work-in-progress titled Erin's Ring--which will be published in the spring of next year), recently blogged about my upcoming online book club.  You might remember that I mentioned this idea to you not too long ago here at String of Pearls.  (And thanks, by the way, to those who offered their opinions on the best name for the club.  I love it when you leave me comments!)

I am really excited to get some discussions going about my baby, my first novel, the one novel I ever thought I'd write in my lifetime.  It will be fun for me to talk about the inspirations for different characters and situations, to discuss the themes and messages I hoped to convey, and to answer any questions you might have as best I can.

I would never have believed that I'd write a second book, and I will be forever grateful to Cheryl for offering me the opportunity to write another YA novel for Bezalel.  God had plans for me that exceed any I ever had for myself, and I only hope that I will please and bring greater glory to Him--in my own small way--through my work.

Anyway, here's a link to the article Cheryl posted on her blog recently over at Bezalel.  Hopefully it will drum up some interest in "Grace-filled Tuesdays," and I'll have a few eager readers to "talk" to!  Believe it or not, as much as I adore books and reading, I've never joined a book club.  It's about time, don't you think?
The first member of the book club.  I can always count on this guy! 
(I'm every bit as crazy about him as Grace is about Tom.
Who are Grace and Tom, you ask?  Read and find out!)
Tomorrow, I'll be back with some pictures that show how my life has been showered with blessings lately.  Until then, feel free to share that link about the book club with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.  Thanks, you're the best!