Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Five Favorites

I'm joining Heather over at Mama Knows, Honeychild (or rather her sister-in-law), for the FIVE FAVORITES link-up.

Favorite #1: THIS PHOTO--
of my husband and our oldest son, who is the father of our three granddaughters--shamelessly stolen from my daughter-in-law Regina's blog (I would share the link with you, but it's not a public blog).  This was taken by Regina at the ND v. Michigan game on Sept. 6.  Our son/her husband is an ND alum, Class of 2006, and he hasn't gotten out to a football game at his alma mater in about five years.  And she had never been to a game in the ND stadium ever, so this was a big night for her, too.

(Aren't they the cutest?  That was a rhetorical question, because there's only one right answer!)
whether they're crushing Michigan in a 31-0 gridiron shut-out (refer to above picture) and racking up W's with QB superstar Everett Golson at the helm, or having a painful-to-watch season (we've endured plenty of those), you just gotta love the Irish.  You do.  Well, I do anyway.  (Yes, this former English major just informed you that you "do gotta love the Irish."  And I stand by that.)
Yeah, baby!  A future Heisman winner?

AND SPEAKING OF THE HEISMAN, now for Favorite #3:
a cute-as-a-button photo of my daughter-in-law Preciosa (wife of son #3), striking that familiar pose at a recent UVA football game.
I guess this would have to be considered the first game for my grandson, G-Man, who is going to be born any minute now.  Thanks for taking him along to cheer on the Cavaliers, Mommy--as if you had any choice in the matter!  :)

Moving on from sports talk, I give you
which is the greatest thing EVER!

Talking about my three granddaughters in #1 up there, and then about little G-Man, our first grandson, in #4, gets me feeling all mushy inside.  I don't even know how to describe grandparent love.  Of course I love my sons with every ounce of my being; but the children of my sons hold a unique and special place in my heart--and that place just keeps expanding with the birth of each one.  (I'm hoping for 25 or so of them, when all is said and done; and I have no doubt that the expansion will continue so that all of them can be accommodated!)

I can't think of a greater joy than hearing one of my granddaughters say "Grammy."  So I recently ordered this sign from Etsy (another favorite--five is never enough!), and it is the perfect finishing touch for my newly renovated kitchen.
(Not the best photo ever--but isn't that the neatest sign?)

And finally, while we're on the subject of kitchen must-haves, Favorite #5: MALDON SEA SALT FLAKES!
If you haven't tried this product, you must!  It's amazing!  This is not your mother's salt, with the little girl carrying an umbrella on the canister, let me tell you.  This box is full of thin, crispy flakes of sea salt.  They're so incredibly delicious, with a delightful little crunch to them.
My husband brought a few boxes of this goodness home with him from London, when he flew there on a recent working trip.  One of the co-pilots told him about how great it was, and said that it could only be bought over there in London.  Well, guess what?  I found it on the shelves of my local Hannaford store!  You could probably find this in your local grocery store as well.

It costs a little more than regular sea salt, but it's so, so worth it.  I love it so much...I'm embarrassed to admit that I sometimes pour a little pile of flakes into my hand and eat them plain.  (Maybe I shouldn't have shared that with you.)

 Happy hump day, everybody!


  1. Fellow Irish fan here! Saturday's game was quite the nail-biter for the first half but I sure am a happy fan. Except that this is a bye week. That's no fun.
    Best to Preciosa as she prepares for the baby!
    And I love your bakery sign! I hope that when I become a grandmother and the grandkids give me a nickname, someone will get a sign like that for my kitchen :)

    1. Go Irish!! :)

      I almost got a sign that said "Grammy's Kitchen," but baking is my passion. So I thought this one was apropos. And seriously, you can find anything in the world on Etsy!

  2. I love this entire blog!! The pictures are great!

  3. I love that sign! I'm Granny to my grandbabies. :) Is Grammy a Northeast thing? Because my sister-in-law is from New England and that's what she goes by, too.

    And I've never seen that brand in my stores but I do purchase the Morton Kosher Salt which is pretty good. They also have a sea salt which isn't bad either. But if I ever find yours I'll give it a try!

    1. I don't know if it's Northeast thing. I called both of mine "Grandma," but I just wanted something different. (But not as different as my dad, who goes by "Bigfoot"!)

      And don't get me wrong--I love any and all types of salt. I'm a salt-aholic! But this kind has a crunchiness that is just so awesome. :)