Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Re-run of a Favorite Easter-Themed Post

With Easter on the horizon, I thought I'd re-share this Easter-themed post from two years ago, about my youngest son and his extreme skepticism when it came to the whole concept of  the Easter Bunny.  I just re-read it and realized it's one of my favorites, so if you haven't read it yet, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  And even if you have, go ahead and read it again--it's an oldie but a goodie (said the doting mother of the cute boys in the photo).

Real, or Just Some Guy in a Bunny Suit?
Here is one of our family's favorite photos from Easters long ago. That's my youngest son on the left, snuggled into his Daddy's side--screaming with joy, his gaping mouth chocolate-stained. Sons #3 (middle) and #4 (right) are looking on, sharing this priceless holiday moment with their baby brother.My middle son is holding up proof that the Easter Bunny exists and has visited our house: a hollow milk chocolate bunny (which, picky eater that he was, happened to be one of his top ten favorite food items at that point in his life). My baby and my fourth son are apparently having a contest to see who can open his mouth the widest. With five boys, everything was a competition in our household.
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  1. I love that picture and that Easter blog!!

  2. Love old pictures like that. :)
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