Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Country Girl's Daybook is Hosting a Finding Grace Giveaway

I hope you all had a blessed and happy Easter!

I've been without Internet for days (noooOOOOOO!!!  Say it isn't so!!).  That's why you haven't been hearing much from these here parts.  We've been on the road and staying at the homes of two different sons, as well as that of our oldest son's wife's aunt and uncle.  (Is that confusing enough for you?)  But we're now in the car on our way to MI, where our oldest son's family is moving into their new house and their new post-Army life.  So I'm blogging in the car, which is a totally new experience for me.  My husband was able to set up an Internet "hot spot" using his iPhone, and here I am typing away on my laptop as we cruise on down the highway.  Internet in the car--what will they think of next?!  It's like magic.

Anyway, I really wanted to be able to pass on some information before it's too late.  Because a friend of mine is hosting a Finding Grace giveaway, and there are only about three days left to enter.

It's amazing how many wonderful people I've "met" in the Catholic blogging world in the three years I've been adding to my little String of Pearls.  One of the sweetest gals I've gotten to know is Iris, the voice behind Country Girl's Daybook--and Iris is giving away a signed copy of my Catholic novel, Finding Grace, over at her lovely blog, if you'd like to stop by and throw your name into the hat!

Just click on this link for a chance to win: Country Girl's Daybook: finding grace book giveaway
My deepest thanks go to Iris, who is helping me to spread the word about my book--though she's never even met me in real life.  I am truly blessed to have friends like her.

So head on over to Iris's--and as she puts it, "May the odds be ever in your favor."

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  1. Thanks for sharing this, Laura. :) Looking forward to discovering the lucky winner. ;)