Saturday, March 22, 2014

YOU Could Be Reading It, Too!

Hey, people all over the world are reading Finding Grace...even this pineapple salesman in Guanabo, Cuba.  And you could be reading it, too!

Because I'm giving away 7 copies of Finding Grace.  It's a "Finding Grace in Lent" giveaway.

Just leave me a comment on any blog post, between now--or as far back as March 7--and midnight (Eastern time) on March 24, and you could be one of the lucky winners!

(Full disclosure: my middle son's lovely wife Preciosa is half-Cuban, and her parents are currently visiting the land of her father's birth.  So I suspect that this good-natured pineapple salesman was forced to pose with a copy of my book, and I doubt he's actually reading it...but hey, you never know!)


  1. Love that picture! I laughed when I realized what he was doing... lol.
    Country Girl’s Daybook ~ recently: How personal is too personal?

    1. Me, too! My son's new in-laws are so awesome. My daughter-in-law says there might be more pictures of Cuban "readers" in the coming weeks. So funny--and so sweet.