Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Few Weekend Updates

Well the Goodreads giveaway ended, and three winners have been chosen to receive free paperback copies of Finding Grace. Thanks to all of you "String of Pearls" readers who threw your name into the hat.  I think I'm going to run another giveaway contest in the summer, so if you entered this one and didn't win or didn't enter and wish you would have, keep an eye open for the next one.

In other news, my husband and I are out at one of our favorite places on the face of the earth, the University of Notre Dame, enjoying a Junior Parents Weekend extravaganza with our youngest son.
We had a bit of a crazy ride out here (which you know about if you read this post), but we arrived in good shape at midday on Friday and it looks like the car we left back at the shop in Syracuse has already been fixed and is ready to be rescued on our way back home on Sunday.  The trip was a bit of a pain, but we got here--and it was certainly worth all the hassles.  We're having a terrific time with our baby.  He and I even got to cut a rug last night, and he impressed me with his swing moves; and then his father joined us on the dance floor for that classic party number "YMCA"--because I mean really, how can you possibly stay seated when that one comes on?  (If you've ever been to a Pearl wedding, you'd know the answer to that question is, "You can't.")

Life is good here in South Bend!  I hope you're all having a great weekend, wherever you may be.  Without snow!


  1. I wish I could say we are without snow. :p But, alas... I am so done with this weather... ~ Country Girl's Daybook, recently posted: There are crickets on the blog.

  2. You guys look great! Looks like fun was had by all!