Monday, July 22, 2013

Sundresses from the Hundred Acre Wood

Okay, this is it: day one of 7 Posts in 7 Days.  (Thanks, Jen Fulwiler, for making me get off my tush--well, actually ON it, in front of my laptop, every morning for seven days straight.) I've been having trouble with my mojo lately, so this is exactly the sort of challenge I needed to get back to my roots as a daily blogger.

If you read this blog much, you know that I have two-year-old identical twin granddaughters. You also know that I have a third little granddaughter--who as a matter of fact is exactly five months old today! (Little Gal, like your big sisters, you're growing up way too fast!)

I love to sew for my granddaughters.  I did sew for my sons--way, way back in the day, when they would still allow themselves to be seen outside the house sporting little seersucker rompers and elastic-waisted dinosaur-print shorts.  But with boys, the opportunities for sewing die out pretty fast.  Not so with girls.  My mother made my First Communion and prom dresses for me, and nothing would please me more than being able to do the same for these precious little girlies.

The twins are absolutely in love with all things Winnie-the-Pooh, so when I saw some Hundred Acre Wood-inspired cotton fabric at JoAnn's recently, I just had to buy it.  It was way more than I'm usually willing to spend, at $10 a yard; but when I brought it to the register I was surprised to find out that, although I had been willing to pay top dollar, it was 40% off that day.  (Huzzah!)  So for less than $30, I was able to eek out three adorable sundresses, with no more than a few meager scraps left over afterward.

Here's Little Gals' dress:
And I made two just like this for the twins:
I like to add iron-on tags to the garments I make for my sweetie pies (I can't find ones that say "Grammy," but these will have to do):
I also like to add decorative stitches when I can, because I have an awesome sewing machine that can do them (thanks, best husband ever):

If you like to sew and these little beauties are making you itch to stitch up some sundresses for your daughters/granddaughters/nieces, Little Gal's is New Look #A6578 ("easy," proclaims the package) and the twins' is see & sew #3889 ("Yes!  It's easy," proclaims the you see a pattern here?)

(And did you see what I did there?)

My daughter-in-law told me that as soon as they opened the box I sent, the twins wanted to put the dresses right on.  And when they wore them to Mass and were asked who made them, they said, "Grammy did it." (How tickled do you think I was?)   Last night, Papa and I were able to see our darlings sporting their new dresses on Skype.

Pooh said, "Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon"; but I say nobody can be uncheered with granddaughters like these--especially when they're streaking across the computer screen--"the slowest-moving blurs ever," as one of my funny sons put it--in their matching dresses.

Cutest blurs I've ever seen.  I'm cheered every time I see them.

Happy sewing!  And have a great week!


  1. Adorable!! i love these! Makes me want to learn to sew for our little girl on the way.
    And I am so thankful you are accepting the 7 day challenge. Your blog post are part of my morning routine. I have missed them!

    1. Laura, little Baby M may just be getting something similar, but using some fabric I found up in Grandma's attic...that's my plan anyway! :)

    2. :) BIG SMILE over here! thank you!

    3. I'm cutting some dresses out today! :)

  2. I promise to take a good picture for you of them wearing the dresses!