Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Birthday to Son #2!

Today is my second oldest son's birthday.
Here is a self-portrait, rendered in charcoal pencil by the birthday boy in 2008.  This talented son of mine is about as much of a cowboy as my cowboy hat-wearing husband (who's one of the few New Englanders you'll see moseying about these parts sporting Western-style headgear).  He borrowed the cowboy hat he's modeling in this piece from his dad, because the professor of the college course he was taking at the time insisted that the artists in his class draw themselves wearing some sort of hat.

It's a good drawing, isn't it?  (Told ya that my sons have lots and lots of artistic talent, didn't I?)

While my second oldest son is not a cowboy, he is many other things.

He is a high school algebra teacher who has found his true vocation in life: a passion for trying to pass on--with humor whenever possible, but always with a firm demand for respect and hard work from his students--a better understanding of and love for mathematics.

He is also a high school football and lacrosse coach, who enjoys the challenge of trying to pass on--with humor whenever possible, but always with a firm demand for respect and hard work from his players (do you see a pattern here?)--a better understanding of and love for those two sports.

He is his four brothers' biggest fan, and places the utmost importance on the value of family ties.  When he gave the best man's speech at his older brother's wedding in 2009, he set the bar so high--they laughed, they cried, they stood and cheered!--that now the rest of our boys are dreading having to follow in his footsteps.  (Which they will have to do, because brothers make the best best men.  They have already decided amongst themselves that since #2 was the best man for #1, #3 will be the best man for #2, #4 will be the best man for #3, #5 will be the best man for #4, and then #1 will be the best man for #5.  It all works out.)

He is a wonderful, thoughtful, sweet, loving son (and a completely unapologetic "momma's boy").  He lives pretty close-by, only about an hour from his childhood home, so we get to see him on a fairly regular basis.  We're not going to let him move, unless it's to move back in with us.  (Joking!  I'm just joking!)

He is a big teddy bear of a man who lives his Faith, loves sporting facial hair, gives the best hugs, is always attuned to the feelings of those about him, has a booming laugh that makes you want to join in, and can tell a funny story like nobody's business.  I'm just crazy about this kid!

But I guess I really can't call him a "kid" anymore, can I?  At 28, he's a man.  And I couldn't be prouder of him.

My husband and I were supposed to drive over to our son's girlfriend's apartment tonight, where there was to be a party in his honor. However, it's doubtful that my husband will make it home from his London trip today--he might make it as far as JFK, but the flights from there to Boston will probably all be cancelled (and I wouldn't be surprised if the birthday party will have to be postponed due to weather as well).  We are just getting hammered here with snow!  We're having the Nor'easter to beat all Nor'easters!
That's our driveway out there.  (Yes, I'm up at 2:00 a.m.--and since I can't sleep,
I'm blogging and taking pictures of the snow!)

Just a reminder: there's still time to enter the ornament giveaway contest.  If you want a chance to win a hand-crafted Santa ornament, leave me your guess by tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m.  I'll announce the winner on Monday!


  1. Happy birthday to my nephew. Love that boy (man)!

  2. Happy Birthday to Dan!! He was the best best man at our wedding, too...his speech touched me right down to my core, and he had me in stitches during dinner as he told a hilarious story about his tuxedo shirt (you have to ask him about that--I was laughing so hard I couldn't breathe). Loved this post.

    1. When I found the CD this piece of artwork was stored on, I also found the charcoal picture he did for you, which he'd had me photograph for him (not just when it was a finished product, but when it was in two earlier stages as he was working on it).

      He does make a great best man, doesn't he? :)

    2. I love that drawing so much! One of my most beloved pieces of art.