Saturday, December 22, 2012

Peace and Happiness

Most of the people who follow this blog are on our family's Christmas card list already.  But if you aren't a relative or close friend of mine and you're reading this right now (hey, thanks!), I'd like to send some Christmas wishes your way by passing on a lovely card we received a few days ago from Steve Wood of the Family Life Center.
I absolutely love the image on this card!  It speaks to me.  The artist has so beautifully rendered the serene face of the Blessed Virgin Mary, giving Her an expression of such deep love for the Baby Jesus.

Inside, the card reads:
May the peace
and blessings of Christmas
be yours; And may the
coming year be filled
with happiness.

Steve Wood, who was once a Protestant minister, is a convert to Catholicism.  He's a well-known writer and speaker, and he works tirelessly to spread the Catholic Faith.  God bless him, and all those like him, for the work they do.  These days, the world could use a lot more faith; without it, there can never really be lasting peace or true happiness.

Wishing you peace and happiness, this Christmas and always! 

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