Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Love-Hate Relationship with Computers Continues...

Well, at some point over the weekend out in South Bend, my computer started experiencing some serious technical difficulties.  I'm not sure if it's because I changed a setting inadvertently or if it's simply because my poor baby is sick with some sort of virus, but this laptop PC of mine is acting really weird.

AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!  I hate computers!

But I love them, too.  Without my laptop, I doubt I ever would have been able to write my novel.  So computers and I definitely have a love-hate relationship (emphasis on the "hate" right at this moment in time).

I'm not even going to try to explain what's going on, because I wouldn't even know how to go about it; but I can tell you that because of the problems that have cropped up, I can't attach pictures to my posts.  I don't like to rely on just words for this blog.  I really like to add pictures that go along with the words, and I fear that "String of Pearls" would be too boring without those added images.  I'm planning to visit the Geek Squad ASAP to see if they can help me out--but in the meantime, I worry that I'm going to have a hard time getting motivated to blog every day.  I'll just have to give it the old college try, I guess.

I can't add pictures, but I'm still able to add Internet links (a new skill that I learned recently); so I'm using today's post to--once again--shamelessly plug my novel, Finding Grace.  If you click on this link, it will take you to the Finding Grace page on Amazon.com.

I don't know how the sales are going at this point, but it's a pretty sure thing that without the Internet (and Facebook!), no one beyond my immediate family would ever know about my little book.  It's easier to get a book listed on Amazon than it is to get it carried on shelves in bookstores.  So I guess that's one more reason to love computers.  (But still...when they misbehave, I really hate them!)

Wish me luck with the computer whizzes who work for the Geek Squad!

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