Wednesday, September 5, 2012

A Pair of Miniature Fashionistas

As you have probably figured out, I am not a morning blogger these days.  Mornings around here are a bit, shall we say, busy--and spending time with the twins is a lot more fun than sitting at my laptop anyway.  In a week or so, when I go back to my own house and re-establish my normal routine, I'll be a morning blogger again. 

It's about 9:30 p.m. here right now, and the house is very quiet.  Mommy and babies are down for the night, and my son is up in the living room reading (he's reading Finding Grace for the first time, as a matter of fact...gulp!).  I decided to turn in early--much earlier than I do when I'm at home--and I'm all settled in down here in my cushy basement digs.  Before I turn out the light, though, I thought I'd post some pictures I took today of my two well-dressed little granddaughters, who toddled around all day in the most adorable flower-patterned cotton skirts.
Aren't these two the cutest little fashionistas you've ever seen?  Something about those grown-up-looking yet miniature-sized skirts absolutely slays me (and their Papa, too) whenever the girls wear them.  The fabric flounces up and down as they run all over the place laughing and chattering, hiding from and chasing after each other.  They look so sweet and feminine wearing skirts, the very embodiment of sugar and spice and everything nice.

I could always just eat them up, but those flowered skirts make these darling little girls even more edible than usual!


  1. This did not take me two hours to write--my computer is still on East Coast time!

  2. Laur, it's funny you write about the cuties outfits. I actually have a box packed and ready to go with adorable new getups. I do not have Sean and Renee's new address, I was going to wait until we got there but I think I want to clear out before movers show up.
    We are so excited to get to CO. Give kisses to those cute little girls and hugs and kisses to you, Sean and Renee.