Friday, May 11, 2012

Recipe for "Cakeys"

After getting so serious yesterday, and throwing my hat into the political ring where it doesn't belong, I decided I'd better return to my roots today.  When I got this little blog up an running a year or so ago, my goal was to make "String of Pearls" a happy place to go: a place where a reader could find a cute anecdote about my boys in their childhood days, admire an adorable piece of vintage artwork, choke up over a beautiful prayer to Our Blessed Mother, or hear me brag shamelessly about my heroic husband and my gifted granddaughters.  Those are the sorts of topics that I think about when I'm in my happy place--not politics.

When I'm in my happy place, there's definitely coffee involved.  (If I made myself a soothing bubble bath and had lighted candles all along the edge of the tub, the way they always do in movies, I would not be sipping a glass of white wine.  I would be sipping a cup of coffee.)   A funny T.V. show is often involved as well.  (Recently I've been watching re-runs and taped episodes of "Parks and Recreation," and I find myself almost ROTFL-ing.  If you haven't seen that show, check it out!)  A really good book is always welcome, too, of course.  (I'm looking for a good one to read right now.  Any suggestions?)  And I don't know about you, but in this land of no worries, there's usually something sweet to go along with that glorious cup of joe.  A happy place wouldn't be very happy at all without desserts.

So in the spirit of spreading happiness, I thought I'd share a REALLY SIMPLE cookie recipe with you.  These cookies are made with a cake mix, so in this family we've dubbed them "cakeys."
You need only three ingredients:
~one boxed cake mix (yellow or chocolate, your choice)
~1/2 cup of vegetable oil
~2 eggs
Optional, but I strongly, eagerly--vehemently--recommend this addition: chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, or crushed M&M's, either alone or in any combination (here I've used a mixture of chocolate and white chips)*

Mix up the ingredients.  Form the dough into little balls and bake on an ungreased cookie sheet at 350 degrees for about 8 minutes.  And voila!  Cakeys!

You have just made the moistest, yummiest cookies.  (Just make sure you let them cool a bit before you try to transfer them from the baking sheet, because they're very soft when they first come out of the oven.)  It will seem like you slaved in the kitchen over them, but they really are--excuse the pun--a piece of cake to make.  You could powder your face with flour if you want people to think these cookies were a chore for you, like the mom in that old commercial who was making Rice Krispie treats and wanted her family to be impressed with her efforts.  But you really don't have to.  Everyone will love them and they won't care how easy it was to make them.


*I've never tried peanut butter chips, but I bet they would be great in chocolate cakeys.  Please don't ever add nuts or raisins, though; or if you do, then please don't bring your cakeys into this household and expect anyone to touch them!


  1. Glad you're enjoying Parks and Rec! I got hooked on that show during the pregnancy. I often feel like ROFL during it. Anne and I sometimes say the words "Leslie Knope" to each other, and the mere thought makes me LOL.

  2. I love that show! We used to watch it from time to time, but not regularly. Now I'm hooked. And all you have to do is say "Ron Swanson" and I feel like laughing.

    Also, I noticed you said "ROFL." I guess when you do the "rolling on the floor laughing" acronym, you don't need to put the T in there, like I did. (I'm still such a n00b, as my boys would say.)

  3. Actually, I Googled both versions after I wrote that, and they both came up as meaning the same thing. So you were right too! I'm just more familiar with ROFL. :-)