Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prayer Request

Today is a dark day in my family.  Last night, we got the heartbreaking news that my mother's sister had died.  My mother is the oldest of the five siblings in her family, and this sister was the baby.  My mother lost two of her other siblings to cancer last year, and now she is having to endure yet another devastating loss.  My departed aunt leaves behind no husband or children to mourn her; but there are no words adequate to describe the way her death has impacted her two surviving sisters.

Yesterday in the mail, we got this card offering daily memorial Masses from the Franciscan friars, and I think I'm going to fill it out so that my aunt will be remembered in the friars' prayers.  Please remember her, too, and the rest of my mom's family.  At times like this, life would be unendurable without faith.

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