Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Baby's Back!

As of today, my baby boy is back.  (Well, he's not back yet, but he's on his way and due home in a matter of hours.)  He survived his first year of college and his first year of Army ROTC--not only survived, but came through with flying colors.  I'm so proud of him, and I love him, and I can't wait to see him.
(I couldn't have said it better myself, sweetie.)
My baby boy used to be surrounded by four doting older brothers when he lived under this roof.
Then it was three...then two...then one.  And now, all of the "big guys" (as he used to call them, before he finished growing to his full height of 6'2" and ended up taller than his two oldest brothers) have moved on with their grown-up lives and have places of their own.  This will be the first summer that he will be the only one living at home with dear old mom and dad.  I hope he doesn't get too bored with us!

I'm going to savor this summer, though, and the next two summers as well; because after that, he'll be leaving the old homestead for good.  ("Why you want to leeeeave me?!"--as the dad in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" would say.  I can totally relate to that dad.)  So while I've got him here, I'm going to spoil him rotten, cook every one of his favorite foods, and do his laundry with a smile on my face.

I'm just so happy today.  I'm happy because my baby's back!

(You can click on the above photos to see enlarged versions if you wish.  It's worth it, trust me.  There is some real cuteness going on in these pictures.)

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