Saturday, May 19, 2012

Deja Vu

I can hardly wait to check my daughter-in-law's blog ("Knit 1, Pearl 2") each day to see if there's a new post--and especially to see if there's a new picture or two of my granddaughters Bonny Babe and Kewpie Doll, the two cutest little misses on God's green earth.

Recently, she and my son brought the twins to a barbecue at a lake, where they joined some other Army families with whom my son works.  Afterwards, she posted pictures of the twins walking on the sand and checking out the water.  When I saw them, I got a distinct feeling of deja vu!  Our boys spent a lot of time at the lake growing up, both at my parents' rustic camp on Silver Lake in Upstate NY, and at my husband's parents' home on Lake Champlain.  Actually, they spent a lot of time at the ocean, too.  When our three oldest sons were little and we were stationed in FL, we spent many weekend days at St. Augustine Beach, where the sand was so hard-packed that you could drive your car (in our case, a big blue station wagon/"Wagon Queen Family Truckster") right onto the beach and park it there.  This made it very handy, especially with little ones; you didn't have to lug your beach towels, diaper bags, coolers, etc. from some far-off parking area and back again.  You did, however, have to make sure that while your kids were playing around in the sand, they didn't run out in front of a moving car!

Here is a picture of our oldest boy running along the hard-packed sand with his daddy, at St. Augustine Beach in July of 1985.
Now here is a picture of Kewpie walking in the soft sand toward the water with her daddy (the little boy from the above picture, all grown up!), at an AL lake in May of 2012.
I hijacked this photo from my daughter-in-law's blog.  I hope she doesn't mind.  (Sorry about that!  I may have broken some copyright law here!)  It's so lovely in its composition that I think it would make a beautiful oil painting.  And look at the picture quality you get with a digital camera these days, compared to the blurry shots I got with my $20 Kodak Instamatic (although the pre-scanned version of my photo is a little sharper).

These pictures show the circle of life just beautifully, don't you think?  And they really get me anxious for summer!

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  1. I like your cropped version of my picture! Not that I think it's better without Sean's head, but the sunlight was blurring his head anyway. :-) I love that these two pictures are so similar...even the way that the dads are walking.