Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Boys (and Girls) Are Back in Town!

I'm happy to report that things have been hopping here at the old nest!

We've been thrilled to have our #4 son (who lives in VA) with us for a couple of days--along with his new girlfriend, whom we hadn't met before yesterday.  She is a real sweetie pie.  Last night, we had not only those two kids, but also son #2 (the one who lives relatively close by) and his lovely new girlfriend--whom we'd had the pleasure of meeting already--sitting around our dining room table with us.  We enjoyed some steaks, some caramel brownies, and a lot of laughs.  It was fantastic!  (Unfortunately, though, son #5--the one who's home from Notre Dame for the summer--had to work at the movie theater and missed dinner.  But he was able to join us later at the fire pit out back.)

There's nothing like having our boys come home.  And when you've raised five boys and no girls, there's nothing cooler than having those boys bring young ladies with them--and watching the girls holding their own, matching wits with the guys.

Two and a half years ago when our firstborn got married, we added a wonderful daughter-in-law to our family, and then a year ago, the most adorable twin granddaughters.  Now, girlfriends appear to be coming fast and furious.  Son #3, another VA boy, also recently began seeing someone; and though she and I have "talked" on Facebook (we are the best of FB friends!), my husband and I have yet to meet her. We can hardly wait.

Things get a little silly when the boys are back in town (see the picture below if you don't believe me)...but we wouldn't have it any other way!
Can you feel the love?  (Girls, good luck with these two goofballs.)

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