Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Athens, a Photographer's Paradise

I am going to give you a break from my wordy, drawn-out ramblings, after three straight days of posts that were perhaps just a bit too long for their own good. I decided that today I would just share a couple of photos (two of the more than two hundred!) that I took on my recent trip to Athens with my husband.

If you like to take pictures--and you're a fan of ancient architecture--Athens is a veritable photographer's paradise. I was just snapping away constantly as we toured the city, because everywhere I looked there was something awe-inspiring and/or breathtakingly beautiful to see. We were lucky, too, because when we arrived we heard that it had been cold and rainy the week before--but for us, it was warm and sunny the whole time. The photos I took of columns and arches and ruins would not have been nearly as lovely if the sky hadn't been so blue.

Sometimes I think I would have enjoyed being a professional photographer, because I'm very happy behind the lens of a camera. I know I'm just an amateur, but--by the beard of Zeus!*-- aren't these photos spectacular (if I do say so myself)?
*Sorry, I've been dying to use that Will Ferrell line from the movie "Anchorman" ever since I got back from Athens, after spending all that time looking at the ancient temples of Zeus and the other Greek gods. Boys, if you're reading this: that one was for you.

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