Friday, June 1, 2018

7QT: The Hopeless Hibernophile Edition

It's been a while since I posted anything in the 7QT link-up, and as I'm trying to get back into a rhythm of blogging more regularly, I thought this was a good time to join the party.

I know the Takes here are supposed to be Quick; but I have to warn you that this first one is a tad on the long side.  (I promise to make up for it with the next 6!)


The Irish I's Are Smiling!

Well, my eyes are smiling anyway.  Because I've completed the I pages for the ABC Book that I've been working on for my grandchildren. It's been a work in progress for more years than I care to admit, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. 

I was able to incorporate some of my favorite things on these pages: IRELAND and her patron saint...and also, something we all scream for, ICE CREAM.
Nice photo bomb, Finding Grace.  I see what you did there.

If you stop in here from time to time, you might know that I'm a huge Hibernophile (as in: a person who is fond of Irish culture, Irish language, and Ireland in general.  Its antonym is Hibernophobe.  The term originates from "Hibernia," the word used by the ancient Romans to refer to Ireland).

As proof of my Hibernophile tendencies, I actually found myself sighing with relief when our middle son got back the results of his recent 23andMe DNA test.  Faith and begorrah, look at that high percentage of Irish blood!

So of course, given the letter I to illustrate, I just had to include the land from which St. Patrick drove out all those pesky snakes. My map of Ireland would not pass the cartographer's smell test, I'm sure, but hopefully it approximates the shape of the Emerald Isle closely enough for the wee ones for whom this book is being created.

I am not that adept at maps, buildings, and inanimate objects; my favorite subject to draw or paint has always been people.  Like this guy.
Although anyone who knows me will be surprised to hear me say anything positive about my artwork, I am actually pleased with how he came out.

I'm NOT entirely pleased with my little ice cream-eater, however; and it's entirely possible that before this book goes to print, I will re-do that second I page.  Her hair looks kinda weird.  And then I added all that dark shading around her to take attention away from the hair.  And I don't know, she just didn't come out the way I'd envisioned her in my head.
But given that it's taken me almost a quarter of a century to get this long-dreamed-of book [almost] finished, I think she may end up making the cut, if only to save time.

Now for more proof of my Hibernophile tendencies, I'm going to share some photos of the breakfast nook of our kitchen.

The former owners had already given the kitchen a green accent wall (and this was one of the things that made me fall in love with this house when we first looked at it just over a year ago).   That lovely verdant shade makes a perfect backdrop for my various Irish-y décor items.

Our youngest son made a trip to Ireland and had pictures of himself taken on the Cliffs of Moher, so obviously a couple of those had to be included in my homage to Ireland.  There is also a plaque of St. Patrick's breastplate, a housewarming gift from one of my husband's sisters.  I found the painting of the little boy wrapped up in a quilt of Ireland online, made a copy of it, and framed it; it is one of my favorite pieces of artwork in the house.  The small resin wall hangings to the left of the large "Team Pearl" family picture are gifts from my boys.

I have a Kelly green Kitchen Aid mixer, a gift from my kids a few Mother's Days ago.  I can't imagine a color that would make me happier.  (As if cake making wasn't fun enough already...)

A new addition to the kitchen is this Irish Kitchen Prayer plaque...a Mother's Day gift that I picked out for myself this year and then told my husband he was giving it to me.  The framed Irish Marriage Blessing on the green wall was a gift from my very Irish mother-in-law.

Even our Yankee candles are Irish-themed--as are our twin granddaughters (the oldest of our 12 grandchildren).  Their matching t-shirts in this 2012 photo of them say, "'Tis Weeself."

Our two St. Patrick statues (both gifts from our boys) watch over this nook while we eat our meals together.  I'd say we're in pretty good hands.

I could go on, but that's 7 Takes.  So I guess I'll end here--and now you should head on over to Kelly's for more 7QT posts that might not be quite so Irish-themed, but are bound to be worth the trip.

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  1. Your little book is so cute, Laura. Will this be available for sale sometime whenever you finish it?