Friday, August 5, 2016

Family Reunion 2016 (#lakesidepearls)

Our crew started arriving last Saturday and Sunday, for the first edition of what we hope will be a yearly family reunion at our Oyster Haven house on Lake Champlain.  (Well, our baby was supposed to arrive on Saturday, but finally made it home in the wee hours on Tuesday, after a truly nightmarish and Murphy's Law-filled trip from Germany--but that's a story for another post!)

I really haven't had time to blog about what's going on this week, because I'm too busy living in the moment and taking advantage of every opportunity to enjoy my family.  (Also, there are seven adorable grandchildren and four lovely daughters-in-law to dote upon...not to mention our five beloved sons, who haven't been all together, without a single member of the team missing, since Christmas 2014!)

Once our lake house extravaganza ends this coming Sunday, I will have so much free time on my hands that I won't know what to do with myself.  I will certainly be looking for activities to fill the void left by my gang's departure.  So there should be some fun blog posts in the weeks to come.

But in the meantime, here are my boys.  They had lunch out together at their aunt's new establishment, the Valcour Brewing Co., with some of the girls today (while Papa and I happily did babysitting duty back at the ranch).
Just imagine smiley-face emojis with hearts for eyes all over the place, and we'll consider this post all wrapped up and Internet-ready.

More to come, I promise.  #lakesidepearls


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    1. I was afraid that I'd built up our week at the lake together too much ahead of time...but it actually exceeded any dreams I had for it. There will be more to come on the blog, once I rest up and sift through my pictures. <3

  2. You had your hands quite full! And that was a very good thing! I'm glad it was such a wonderful time for everyone. :)

  3. Very glad your week together was as wonderful as anticipated!

  4. Very glad your week together was as wonderful as anticipated!