Tuesday, August 4, 2015


A cowboy tests out the waters.

Now that's what I call a view!
My husband and I aren't excited at all about the house on Lake Champlain that we're in the process of buying.  No, not at all.

We aren't even close to closing on it yet, but we've already made a trip to Sam's to buy stacks of oversized, fluffy, Marriott-style white bath towels to stock the house with for all the guests we hope will be staying there. We've also ordered three queen-sized white sheet sets, three queen-sized white duvet cover/pillow sham sets, trimmed simply along the borders with stripes of black ribbon, and three down alternative comforters to fill the duvets (all from Overstock.com).  We don't have beds yet...but we have bedding!

We were at our home in NH last week, for a brief spell between travels (we're in VA now, staying at G-Man's house!).  While we were there, I took a trip to Just the Thing--a favorite downtown Dover haunt of mine, where they sell used items, antiques, and handcrafted gifts of all kinds--and I picked up two signs that I thought might work well with the décor I have planned for the new house by the lake.
Then we arrived here yesterday, after spending a few days with son #2 and his wife in the DC area (where I received that pair of awesome ornaments, hand-painted by my son, remember?).  And lo and behold, son #3 and his wife had a belated birthday gift waiting for me, too--another hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind present made with love and talent.  A sign!  For the new house!
The ones I bought in Dover are nice; but this sign truly is just the thing! 
It is perfect!  Such a thoughtful gift.
Preciosa made this sign using her new Cameo gizmo, with which she is learning to fashion all sorts of terrific stuff--super-creative items she'll be selling in her Little Lads & Ladies Etsy shop (see sidebar).

I can hardly wait to start decorating the lake house and getting it ready to post on VRBO!  I want it to be cozy and whimsical and fun.  And I already know exactly where I'm going to hang these new signs.  

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  1. I love all the signs, but especially the hand made one!!