Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More on That Book Club Idea (Not to Beat a Dead Horse or Anything)

In yesterday's post, I mentioned the idea of starting an online book club dedicated to my Catholic novel Finding Grace.  My publisher at Bezalel Books thought this might be a good way to introduce the book to some new readers, while leading the way for my second YA novel, Erin's Ring, which will be published by Bezalel in 2015.  It might also be fun for those who have already read FG but would enjoy discussing it with other readers.  (With the club starting in January, that would leave plenty of time for re-reading, too, if one was so inclined.)  For my part, I could field any questions readers might have and that sort of thing.

For instance: if you're wondering why Tom Buckley, the love interest of my shy, endearing little heroine, Grace Kelly, has a big gap between his two front teeth, I could show you a picture of my husband, and there would be your answer.  (Not that Tom is modeled exactly after my own high school boyfriend, mind you; but there are definitely similarities.  In fact, of any character in the book, Tom is the most like someone I know in real life.)
The man of MY dreams, when he was not
much older than Tom is in the book.

And here he is today, still rocking that tooth gap,
still making my heart go pitter-pat.
In the combox yesterday, Barb mentioned that the Mother Goose image I posted was very Wicked Witch-like, and she was right--so I decided to make amends for that in today's post.
There, that's better.  Let's just keep scary old MG out of the picture today.

I certainly wouldn't want to compete with the wonderful Wednesday book clubs at Housewifespice and Life of a Catholic Librarian.  Or with Theme Thursdays at Clan Donaldson or 7 Quick Takes Fridays at Conversion Diary.  (Ha ha! Not that this little blog could possibly compete with those blog staples anyway!)  So I've decided that my book club full of Grace will be held every Tuesday, in keeping with the oft-quoted childhood verse.

When I asked for feedback about titles for the book club, it was agreed that "Tuesday's Child is Full of Grace" is a little too long.  So I mentioned "Tuesday's Child" as one option and that got a positive response.  Now my question is this: which of these choices do you think would work best: "Tuesday's Child," "Full of Grace," or "Grace-filled Tuesdays"?

I plan to come up with some sort of snazzy meme to go with each book club post; but until I get a chance to create that, I thought I'd share some vintage images by one of my favorite artists, Jesse Wilcox Smith, showing some eager little readers.  You know, to get y'all in the mood for some book readin'.  (And also just because they are so unbelievably adorable.)

I'm looking forward to this little online book club!  And I'll keep you posted about the upcoming Kindle discount on Finding Grace.  :)


  1. Those pictures of the little children reading are entirely too sweet! I love vintage art :)

    1. This sort of artwork really speaks to me! I also love the works of Besse Pease Gutmann.

  2. I think I might like "Full of Grace" the best!

  3. Grace Filled Tuesday is my favorite but I think they are all wonderful.
    Those pictures are so sweet!