Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Working at Starbucks

Okay, I'm starting to feel like a "real" writer now.  I've just spent about 3 hours at Starbucks, nursing a large coffee while I work on my new YA Catholic novel for Bezalel Books.

There's free WiFi at Starbucks.  And coffee, too--not free, and not my favorite brand (which is Dunkin' Donuts); but still: COFFEE.  That's always a good thing.  There might also be little packs of shortbread cookies and milk chocolate-covered graham crackers, but as far as that goes: no comment.

Anyway, I think Starbucks is simply the perfect place to bring your laptop and park yourself for a spell, because there are tables with electrical outlets right nearby.  It's awesome.  A writer's paradise.
Sometimes I work really well at my dining room table at home; but other times, I need to go someplace without any distractions.  Today, I had to get away from the welcome distraction of relatives who are back at my hubby's childhood home, where we are currently staying, and with whom I could easily sit at the kitchen table and chat for the better part of the entire day.  I would feel guilty leaving them and sneaking off to Starbucks to work if it wasn't for the fact that everyone else is running their various errands and doing their work-outs and whatnot.  (Also, my ever-supportive husband ecourages me to write to my heart's content, whenever and wherever I want.)

So I decided that it was okay to do a little disappearing act to get a some writing done, even though technically we're on vacation.  After all, I've got deadlines to meet!  And besides that, I've got characters with whom I'm falling in love, and I'm as anxious as the next guy to find out what's going to happen to all of them!

Well, I'm about to unplug here and head back to the Pearl compound--where I believe the plan is to sit by the lake, eating nachos and drinking Margaritas.  Not a bad life, is it?

Before I sign off, I thought I'd include a link to a blog post by my publisher, Cheryl Dickow.  Without her support, encouragement, and belief in me, I never would have thought I was ready to write another novel--and I wouldn't have had this thoroughly enjoyable afternoon at Starbucks, typing with a smile on my face.

 You can read  Cheryl's post here.

Okay then, see you soon.  (I promise, T, R, K, and M!)


  1. How awesome is it that you are writing another novel?? Keep us posted on publish date! Cheers!

    1. Thanks, Susan. And cheers to you, for bringing another sweet boy into the world. Congratulations!

  2. I headed over to Panera Bread for the same reason yesterday. I didn't last 3 hours, though, because the incessantly peppy jazzy music made me nuts and I was too distracted in the place I'd gone to escape distraction!

    1. Sometimes I can shut out all the background noise, and sometimes I can't. This was one of those days when I was shocked to realize that three hours had passed. It was almost like, "Where am I? What happened?" I love those sorts of days, when you get "in the zone."

      What are you working on, Barb? My curiosity is piqued!

  3. How exciting for you! I hope you are making good progress.

    And I'm also a fan of DD coffee. I think Starbucks is too burnt tasting and too expensive!

    1. I agree--DD will ALWAYS be my favorite. But I ordered Starbucks' lightest roast and added plenty of cream and sugar, and it was pretty good. (I wonder how they'd take to me bringing in my Stryofoam cup of DD and working at one of their tables? Unfortunately, probably not very well!)

      I was intimidated by this project at the very outset, so I am surprised and tickled by the progress I've made already. And I'm really enjoying the work! Thanks for the well wishes.