Thursday, February 6, 2014

Champagne Dresses for Grammy's Darlings

I've finished re-doing the sashes on the dresses my twin granddaughters Bonny Babe and Cutie Pie are going to wear in son #4's upcoming wedding (in less than 3 weeks!).  You might remember these little ivory satin dresses, with navy blue satin sashes and bolero jackets made out of some ivory velveteen I found in my late mother-in-law's attic.
Now these same dresses have got champagne-colored sashes, and I also switched the buttons on the boleros, which resembled little pearl clusters, to antique-looking buttons with large pearls in the center.  Son #4's bride is getting married in her grandmother's vintage satin gown and the bridesmaids will be wearing champagne-colored dresses with lots of beading and bling at the neck, so I thought my wee ones' outfits should have a slightly antique, slightly blingy look about them as well.
While I was fixing up the flower girl dresses, I realized I had enough leftover satin in both the ivory and the champagne to make a dress for my sweet Little Gal to wear, so that her outfit will coordinate with what her big sisters are wearing at the wedding.  Plus, wedding day is also a red letter day in her life: she's going to be turning one year old!  So here's what the little birthday girl is going to be wearing for her uncle's wedding.
It's a special little frock for a special Little Gal.
Grammy can hardly wait to see her darling girls all dolled up in these stylish numbers!  And I've gotta say, it really is fun--after raising only boys--to have little lasses to sew for.  Although I did manage to make a few things for my sons, when they were but sprouts--before they reached the age when wearing homemade clothing would have made them fashion outcasts among their peers.  (That age comes a lot earlier for boys than it does for girls.)  In fact, I made a white linen suit coat for son #4--the soon-to-be groom--to wear when he was six and played the role of ring bearer at his aunt/godmother's wedding back in 1994.  I don't have a picture of him wearing it (my sister-in-law does, in her wedding album); but I just brought it down from the attic, and after 20 years it still looks pretty good.  What's neat is that all those years ago, son #4 was the ring bearer at his aunt's wedding, and now her young son (who's about the same age he was) is going to be the ring bearer at his.  It's all come full circle!
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  1. Adorable dresses ... I can't wait to see the girls (and take their pictures) in these cute dresses !!

  2. The dresses are very pretty! Your granddaughters are lucky girls.

  3. So very beautiful, what a special thing to have to pass down.

  4. Thanks for all the lovely comments. I've been lazy about replying!

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