Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review of Suite Francaise, a Novel

Recently, I volunteered to become a book reviewer for a website called Pretty much immediately after I'd gotten all signed up, I panicked a bit and wanted to rescind the offer; after all, I'd never written a book review before (unless you count my schoolgirl book reports and college English Lit papers).  But I've been trying to go outside my comfort zone lately--to stop always being such a fraidy-cat about trying new things. Also, I really want to do whatever I can to support this website, because it plays such an important role in promoting the cause of a true Catholic literary revival.

So...if you're looking for a good book but you're tired of all the smut found in mainstream bestsellers, and you want to read fiction that unapologetically includes positive references to God and faith but you're not exactly sure where to find such an animal, you should visit and check out some of the titles that have been reviewed.  There you'll find "stories that capture the imagination and explore human frailties and the grittiness of life with beauty, love, hope, redemption, courage, and the grace of God."

Anyway, here is my first-ever published review.  I hope it makes you want to read Suite Francaise!

Suite Francaise
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Date Published: April 10, 2007 (Originally published in 1942)
Number of Pages: 448
Print Price: $10.20
eBook Price: $11.99
Audio Price: $11.69

I had the good fortune to stumble upon a paperback copy of Irene Nemirovsky’s magnificent novel, Suite Francaise, at an airport bookstore about a year or so ago, and I devoured it during a long wait between flights.  I just finished reading it again and found it no less absorbing or satisfying the second time around.  I’ve always had a weakness for stories set during the Second World War, and that’s what drew me to Suite Francaise; but one needn’t be a World War II history buff to enjoy this extraordinary book.

To read the entire review, click here.


  1. Hey Laura - Good for you for taking on a different challenge with a book review. I very much appreciate your recommendation. This one has been on my bedside table for some time so I'm moving it up to the top of the pile. I bought it based on a podcast recommendation from Nancy Pearl, the Seattle librarian and author of the Book Lust books - had to bring that full circle with a little "Pearl" connection!

    1. Hi Sheila! How great to hear from you!

      This is one of those books I'd never heard of. If I hadn't been desperate for some in-flight reading material that day, I never woukd have picked it up at the airport bookstore--but I'm so glad I did.

      After recommendations from two different Pearls, I hope you're not disappointed! :)