Monday, April 8, 2013


For the past few months, I've been linking up with other bloggers over at Fine Linen and Purple for a little weekly fashion show called "What I Wore Sunday."  The purpose of this link-up is not merely to focus on the clothes, shoes, and accessories that most of us gals can't get enough of; it's to celebrate the reason for bothering to put on our "Sunday best" in the first place.  It's about "attending church and encouraging each other to look our best and go with confidence."  I think that in this increasingly secular world we inhabit, showing the importance of looking one's best when visiting God's house is a very good thing.  Most people would, after all, pull out all the stops for an important job interview, a party, or a first date.

The WIWS posts show lots of cute dresses and skirts and all kinds of interesting outfits (even adorable pint-sized fashions on the little people who belong to some of the young mothers who participate); but they also discuss different subjects near and dear to the hearts of faithful Catholics and Christians everywhere, and it's a breath of fresh air to read them.  It has become one of my favorite little Sunday rituals to check in on all the well-dressed, faith-filled, and much-younger-than-I-for-the-most-part ladies who post links to their blogs at FLAP.

Sometimes, however, I feel a little ridiculous posing in my WIWS outfits for my husband, who has gamely taken on the job of Sunday morning fashion photographer.  (Colleen, a new blogging friend of mine, once wrote that her husband urges her on with cries of, "Work it! Work it!"  Like me, she must have an awesome husband!)

My almost-27-year-old middle son (the same one who wanted to become an investor, along with my husband, and is the official "CFO" for my book, Finding Grace) has always been a big supporter and loyal follower of my little blog.  So I was tickled when I received this simple text on my iPhone yesterday at about 1:00 p.m.: What K-- Wore Sunday: Attached was a photo he'd snapped of his lovely girlfriend standing outside the church, looking as put-together and beautiful in her Mass-going outfit as she always does.

I have just texted K-- to ask her where she purchased all of her stylish pieces (and I'm guessing J. Crew may have been involved).  When she sends me the info, I'll include it in the "Comments" section below.  For now, though, here's her WIWS snapshot, taken by my son--a chip off the old block.
Classy, classy, classy--that's all I have to say.

Have a great week!


  1. Okay, here are the promised outfit details:
    ~White blouse: Target (hand-me-down from her cousin)
    ~Green and gray skirt: Mossimo from Target (hand-me-down from her cousin)
    ~Pearl necklace: Coco Chanel (hand-me-down from her aunt)
    ~Gold pearl ring: not sure of maker (hand-me-down from her aunt)
    ~Tan heels: DSW ($50)
    ~Purse: Louis Vuitton (way to much $$--really, she says, you don't want to know ;))

    Thanks for playing along, K--! (And by the way, you have awesome relatives!)