Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I hope you enjoyed that LONG intermission...

...because it'll be ending soon.   Consider yourself forewarned!

A lot has happened since I last posted, stuff that I'm dying to talk about; but I've been out of town and since I was unable to get Internet access where I was staying, out of touch as well.

My husband and I are on the road right now, per uzsh, on our way back home from an awesome family event that took place in VA (that's a teaser; more to follow).  After the longest vacation I've ever taken since I started  this blog more than two years ago, I hope to be parked in front of my poor neglected laptop in the morning, typing away to beat the band.

For now, though, greetings from NJ, sent using my trusty iPhone (which, by the way, not only survived its near-drowning months ago, but has sustained no lasting injuries whatsoever!  It's a miracle!).

Hey, would you like to read the exciting, edge-of-your-toilet-seat story about my iPhone's swan dive (more like a belly flop, really) into NOT a swimming pool?  "No, Laura.  That was boring enough the first time around," you say?  Well, I'll give you the link anyway!

Okay then, see you mañana!


  1. Haha! I know it's pathetic, but I've been checking your blog several times a day, hoping for a detailed description of the family event. Can't WAIT!

    1. It has been REALLY hard for me to go without the Internet! I've got some great picky tires coming. (I thought I typed " great pictures" there, but auto-correct apparently saw things a little differently!)

  2. Can't wait .... I've missed you!