Monday, March 11, 2013

The Best B & B Ever!

My husband and I are in northern VA, staying at a house shared by sons #3 and #4 (and a third roommate who is currently on deployment).  When we arrived last night, we were shown to the bedroom we'd be sleeping in--son #3's room, which he has vacated for us to use while we're here.

Keep in mind, before I show you the bed that will be ours for the next several days, that not that long ago this son was sleeping on sheets that hadn't been changed in a dog's age, with nothing more than a worn and faded Notre Dame comforter that he's had since he was in grade school to constitute what finer folks would call "bed linens."

Mothers of young boys, take heart; they DO grow up.  Because look at my boy's bed now.
The last time we visited this son, his bed was on a simple metal frame; but check out the beautiful wood headboard he's bought for himself.  And there's a matching dresser to go with that headboard.  My boy has a real BEDROOM SET--and not only that, but clean, color-coordinated bedding and...THROW PILLOWS!  The mind boggles.  I think his bed is more luxurious and HGTV-worthy than his mom and dad's now.

The funny thing is that yesterday morning, about an hour after my husband and I got on the road to make the long trip down here, it hit me that maybe it would have been a good idea to bring along a couple of bath towels, just to be safe.  Twenty-something bachelors, in my husband's and my experience thus far, aren't apt to have many clean ones about.  Oh well, I thought, if worse comes to worse, we can always run out to Wal-Mart and buy some, or borrow a couple from my husband's sister, who lives a few doors down.  But not to worry: there was a set of brand-new, freshly-laundered bath towels sitting there atop the comforter. Towels that actually matched the lovely bedding!

As if the comfy digs weren't enough to make us feel welcome, there was a gift bag sitting there atop the comforter, along with a card signed by both boys and their darling girlfriends; and inside the bag we found a bottle of wine, two wine glasses from a local vineyard, chocolates, and a list of vineyards to visit if we're looking for something fun to do during the day while our boys are at work.  It's like we booked a room at the best B & B ever!
Yes, they do grow up.  But I've said this before in this blog, and I'll say it again: even when they do, they keep a little bit of boy inside them (mine do, at least).  Son #3 is almost 27 now, but did you happen to notice the little green triceratops night light peeking out behind the wine glass on the left?

And in the kitchen, there are Calvin & Hobbes drawings, by son #4 and his girlfriend, on the dry erase note board.
It's kind of nice to see that the little boys live on, even in this neat and tidy, beautifully decorated, thoroughly grown-up house.


  1. Wow, they do grow up! I think it helps to have a great girlfriend too.

    1. It sure dose. I think she's been a major force in this transformation! (She's not into the whole "Animal House" ambiance!)

  2. I'm impressed! I remember helping Steve pick out things for his first apartment after college... I wonder if maybe a woman is partly to credit here too? :)

  3. Oh, yes--behind every good man there's a good woman, right? And her touch is very much in evidence when it comes to home decor and cleanliness!