Monday, January 7, 2013

Being Irish in South Beach

Well, the past few days have been busy, visiting with my husband's siblings at his sister's house in Tampa.  For some reason, I couldn't get my laptop connected to my sister-in-law's Internet, so I couldn't blog.  It was probably better that I couldn't anyway--there was too much fun to be had, just talking and laughing with loved ones who are much too far-flung about the country, and soaking up the comfortable, relaxing, and WARM Florida way of life. A person could get used to this.  Especially a person who boarded a plane on Thursday in New England, where the temperature was hovering around minus one, and now finds herself getting overheated wearing no more than a t-shirt and capris!  In January!

Seven of the eight Pearl siblings had already been reunited in Tampa, and then yesterday, we made the drive to Ft. Lauderdale, where we met up with my husband's youngest brother and checked into our hotel.  We'll be staying here until Tuesday morning (better known as the morning after Notre Dame beats Alabama for the national championship).

Last night, the eight sibs, several of their spouses, and a handful of the 32 Pearl first cousins hit South Beach, and WOW--what a night!  We went to an Irish pub & restaurant called Finnegan's, which was jam-packed with Notre Dame fans.  I mean, I doubt anyone wearing a "Roll Tide" t-shirt would have felt brave enough to show his face in that place! Finnegan's was flying Notre Dame flags at the corners of the outdoor seating area and blasting the Notre Dame Victory March every 45 minutes.  (With all the ear-splitting celebrating going on, however, I could barely recognize that well-loved song!)  At Finnegan's, it was like one, big, loud, happy and--I have to be honest--somewhat inebriated Irish family. Truly, complete strangers were forming bonds with other Irish fans based solely on the "Beat Bama" t-shirts and Manti T'eo jerseys they were wearing.
The Pearl Sisters
The Pearl Brothers
There is so much excitement in the air down here right now.  Our hotel is chock-full of Irish fans.  We just got back from the hotel's complimentary breakfast, where one of my sisters-in-law said that shortly before we came down it was packed and abuzz with spirited Irish fans, and a crimson-shirted Alabama fan came into the dining room and yelled, "Roll Tide!" She said everyone stopped talking, looked at him, and the room went silent.  You could hear crickets, she said.  And the poor guy (a good-natured, funny sort) said, "Really?  No one is going to respond, even out of pity?"

Okay, sports fans, today's the day.  The tailgating starts soon, and after that, the winning. Go Irish!


  1. LOVE the pictures! Have fun and I hope you get into the game!! And I especially hope Notre Dame WINS!!!!

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    1. Ha ha! I know, sorry you're not here.