Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Red Ryder B B Gun

There just isn't time to blog--not with a house full of people I love who aren't all gathered under this roof nearly as often as I'd like them to be!  I can tell that you're too busy for blog reading, too--as you should be! (There's a way to find out how many people have looked at a blogger's posts each day, and I can see that "String of Pearls" hasn't gotten many "hits" as of late.  My numbers are about as low as they were almost two years ago, when I first began this blogging business.  But as I said: this is exactly as it should be!  We all have more important things to be doing right about now!)

Anyway, I'm posting a picture of a gift my husband got me for Christmas (one I knew about beforehand, because we were shopping together when he picked it up).
What Ralphie's Red Ryder B B Gun was to him, this magical Keurig coffee maker is to me. I didn't bring it to bed with me last night, like Ralphie did with his beloved "Old Blue."  But I've been having a ball brewing different flavors of coffee for myself this morning.  This has got to be the greatest invention EVER!  It's the gift that keeps on giving, for sure.

Are you as happy as I am this morning?  (And as caffeinated?)