Friday, November 9, 2012

A Tale of Two Bacons

Last night, my husband and I had brinner instead of dinner.  If you aren't familiar with that term, it means we had breakfast for dinner.

We decided to cook up some eggs and home fries, but most importantly, the last package of bacon from the "Bacon of the Month Club," which was a birthday/Father's Day gift my husband received from our middle son back in June--a mouthwatering, glorious, fattening-but-we-refuse-to-worry-about-that-part gift if there ever was one.  Words cannot do this bacon justice.  Our son found this amazing gift of amazing bacon through a company called Amazing Clubs.  (He found my "Coffee of the Month Club" gift there, too, and the coffees I've been drinking over the past six months have been equally amazing.)

The bacon we had last night was called "Montego Bay Jamaican Jerk Bacon."  It came with 9 slices in the pound, and when I laid them in the frying pan I thought they looked kind of gross, if I have to be honest.  They looked like they were just thick, solid fat, with very little meat involved, and I wondered if they were going to be a little much, even for a dyed-in-the-wool bacon lover like my guy.
Well, guess what?  They weren't gross at all.  They were crispy and delectable, with just enough of a hint of Jamaican Jerk Sauce flavor to give them a kick.  Oh my goodness, that bacon was amazing!  You really should have had some.  I was only able to eat about a strip and a half, and my hubby had 4, I believe.  So there are still a few slices in the fridge that can be heated up for leftovers today.  Sooo-eeet!

About two weeks ago, I fried up the second-to-last package of Amazing Clubs bacon as part of our after-Mass Sunday brunch.  (I don't know which I love more: brunch or brinner!)  I tell you about this now because my husband has determined that out of all the tasty varieties of bacon that were included in his gift that kept on giving, this one was his favorite. It was called "VooDoo Brand Blackened Louisiana Bacon."

Each piece (there were only 8 of them in the pound!) was so thick and meaty that it looked like a slab of ham.  I mean, get a load of this incredible (dare I use the adjective "amazing" again?) bacon.  It looks like it's going to be delicious even before it's cooked, doesn't it?  I know!  And after...well, it's unbelievable!  If you're a fan of spicy Cajun foods, you would absolutely adore this.

Now that my husband's "Bacon of the Month Club" has expired, breakfast, brunch, and brinner just aren't going to be the same around here anymore!   But it was fun--and delicious--while it lasted.

Before I sign off, I just want to make sure you noticed two of the pigs from my extensive collection.  The black and white wooden one was a gift from a family member.  The Christmas pig is one I actually bought for myself.  I saw him at TJ Maxx and just couldn't resist.  It's like he's so ugly that he's cute, don't you think?  (Or do you think he's just plain ugly?)

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  1. "Brinner!" I love that name for breakfast for dinner!