Thursday, August 30, 2012

Little Miss Peek-a-Boo

My twin granddaughters are, as you might guess, not only the cutest pair of fifteen-month-old little girls you've ever laid your eyes on, but also quite the little geniuses.  And they're very funny, too, each in her own inimitable way.

Bonny, for instance, is the queen of peek-a-boo, stopping in her tracks a hundred times a day to cover her face with her hands so that you'll say, "Where's Bonny?  Oh, Bonny, where are you?  Where's Bonny?  Where did she go?"  She's really good at hiding herself, too, so that you would hardly know she was there; and when she wants to be, she's very patient about waiting to reveal herself.  Here she is, hiding from Grammy this morning:

Ignore the little blue eyes peeking out at you between those pleasingly plump little fingers.  She is not there.  She is invisible until she removes her hands and gives you a smile that involves every inch of her precious face: squinted-up eyes, a scrunchy button nose, round rosy cheeks, and a mouthful of perfect baby teeth!  Then, and only then, can you see this little munchkin.  And then she'll toddle off to read her books for awhile, or to climb on one of the big, colorful, soft climbing blocks in her playroom...until the game starts up again.  It might be thirty seconds later, or it might be twenty minutes.  But you will be playing again soon, never fear.

But who can resist a game where the object is to finally see this cute little face smiling at you?
Don't answer that question.  It was rhetorical.

(I wish these photos were clearer; but I was trying to capture moments as my granddaughters toddled around the basement playroom.  They were moving targets, and I don't think my iPhone had time to focus before I snapped them!)

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