Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Visit to the Infant of Prague

Yesterday, I spent the day in a small town New England, per usual--while my husband, the world traveler extraordinaire, walked the streets of Prague in the Czech Republic.  He took lots of pictures on his iPhone, and through the wizardry of cloud technology, they were automatically transferred to my iPhone.  It was neat to be able to see what he was seeing all those thousands of miles away, without having to wait until he got home to show me--sights like the busy "walking streets" of Prague, the incredible Old-World architecture that abounds in that city, and the inside of some magnificent churches.  My husband, a commercial airline pilot who has been flying internationally for about the past 15 years, has seen most of the great cities of Europe, but he never used to take photos while he was at work.  But having an iPhone makes being a shutterbug ever so much easier, doesn't it?  You have this great camera at your fingertips at all times, so if the spirit moves you, you can just snap away.

Speaking of spirits being moved, many of the pictures my hubby took yesterday were of one of the churches he visited, the church in which the Infant of Prague statue is located.  I would love to have the opportunity to be in the presence of that statue someday!   Here is a picture he took that I thought was just beautiful.
It was hard for him to get a clear shot, because the ornate golden embellishments surrounding the Infant of Prague on this side altar were gleaming so brightly that it made most of the photos he took come out a little fuzzy.  But can you see the statue there, garbed in blue and white, framed by all that brilliant gold?  That is the actual Infant of Prague statue, the one that is known for its miraculous powers.

I would love to do a whole blog on the history of this statue today, but I'm going to wait.  My husband purchased a DVD about it while he was over there, and I'd like to watch it and learn all I can before I tackle a post like that.  After looking at all the pictures he took, including some showing the different outfits the statue has worn during different liturgical seasons of the year, one thing I do realize is that I'm going to have to fashion a better robe for my own Infant of Prague statue, the TLC-needy one I rescued from the back of a church and blogged about on 11/20/11 and 12/9/11.  The robe I made just doesn't do Him justice!
I love how breathtakingly beautiful the Catholic churches are in the cities of Europe.  Such beauty, rendered to honor God, moves my spirit immensely.

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