Monday, July 2, 2012

I've Been Experiencing Some Technical Difficulties...But I'm Back

Okay, after experiencing some serious technical difficulties, I've finally got my eBlogger page back up and running (thanks to my own personal Geek Squad guy, my hubby).  I don't know how I manage to get things so messed up when it comes to computer stuff, but I do.  I open up a once-familiar page and it suddenly looks different, and severe panic sets in.  The screen asks me questions that I don't know how to answer, and I answer them anyway, five different ways--which takes me to five different pages that ask me more questions I can't answer!  And before you know it, I don't know who I am anymore.  What's my username?  What's my password?  I thought I knew them, but suddenly I'm at a loss.  I have different ones for e-mail and Facebook, so when things got messed up with eBlogger down in Alabama, I thought I had different ones for that, too.  And the more I tried to remember what the heck they were, the more confused I got...

Long story short (although it's too long already), I was half-ready to just give up on this whole "String of Pearls" business--but my hero got everything all squared away, just in the nick of time.  Things are back to normal and I know what to do again--for the time being, anyway.  So now I can not only write a blog post, but add pictures as well.  Thank goodness!  Because when I was experiencing all those technical difficulties down in Alabama, I wasn't able to post photos of my darling little granddaughters!  And boy, did you guys miss out!  I felt bad for you, I really did.  You must have been experiencing some serious FOMO--because there was a whole lot of cuteness happening down there, every minute of every day.

We got back home last night, and I tell you, Papa and Grammy are missing those two little cutie pies!  I keep humming their favorite little songs, ("Old MacDonald," "Doe, a Deer," "Elmo's Song," "Elmo's Ducks," "Rubber Duckie," "Me and My Teddy Bear," "Goodnight, My Someone"...the hit list goes on and on).  I keep thinking of their soft, kissable cheeks, their heavenly-smelling heads, and their room-lighting smiles.  I miss playing "Peek-a-Boo" and "Patty Cake" with them.  And I especially miss lying on the floor on a big, fleecy blanket and having them crawl all over me...and show me where my eyes are with their chubby little pointer fingers (after they pull off my glasses, of course).  How special that was for my husband and me, to have ten whole days with them when they're at such a wonderful age (they turned one on June 2)--when everything is new and exciting and there's so much to learn.

Doesn't Papa look exceptionally happy in these pictures?  He was!  I didn't get any pictures with the girls on this trip, but I think my smile was just as big as his the whole time we were there.  Grandchildren make you very, very happy--I highly recommend them.  They make you forget all your troubles and cares (like computer glitches that you don't know how to fix), and they fill your life with sunshine.


  1. I love that you are back.....and I love these pictures! Life is now back to normal ....the universe is perfect ..... I have my blog to read! YEAH!

  2. Rini, you are too funny--and I love you.

  3. And by the way, Kewpie isn't always this serious. She smiles all the time...just not when she has a camera pointed at her. Bonny, on the other hand, is a little ham and almost always mugs for the camera; she usually scrunches up her face and gives you one of those "cheese!" smiles.