Thursday, June 28, 2012

All Blogged Down in Alabama

Papa and I are babysitting for the twins today, while their daddy is at work and their mommy is on her way out to the Midwest to attend the wedding of a college friend.  This is the first time in days that they've gone down for their morning nap and I haven't felt the need to catch a few Z's right along with them.  I'd been puttering about, and then suddenly I realized, hey, wait a minute: I can blog!  I can blog in the morning, just like I do when I'm at home! 

Not so fast, though.  I sat down eagerly at my laptop and went to my eBlogger page, but I was unable to open it up in the usual way (it had expired, and eBlogger wanted me to sign in again--but my password, which I haven't memorized yet, is pinned up on the bulletin board over my desk back at home!).  Somehow, though, I was able to finagle my way onto a page that looks as if it will allow me to write and publish a post.  Fingers crossed; otherwise, I may be forced to wait until I get back home on Sunday to resume blogging.

I suppose I'm becoming a bit of a broken record, using this blog as a forum to shamelessly brag about my twin granddaughters daily.  But I just can't help it.  They are such fascinating, funny little people, each with her own unique personality--and although they are identical twins with practically the same facial features, each has her own unique set of facial expressions and her own uniquely incredible smile.

They are at that age where what they want most in the world is whatever toy or book the other one is holding.  My middle son's lovely girlfriend recently told us that in her family, they have a phrase they use when something fun is happening and some family member who can't be there is bummed that he isn't sharing in it: FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).  Well, these little girls of ours have a tendency to get a severe case of FOMO when it comes to toys and books.  They tussle over the same must-have item until one of them loses her grip; but amazingly, neither one of them ever really cries about it.  (That's because, all FOMO aside, our granddaughters are perfect angels.  But you knew that already, of course.)

Papa and I decided to give them each a new toy, because as grandparents we have a green light to spoil them whenever we get the chance.  And to combat FOMO, we got them both the same thing: a little stuffed Sesame Street character called Murray.  (We wanted Elmo's, because to these little ones, that furry red monster is a real rock star; but alas, we couldn't find any!)

Okay, that's it for today from sunny Alabama, because I'm hearing some noises next door and I believe nap time is about to come to an end.  I'm going to try to publish this post, but if it doesn't work, I'll try not to fret about it too much.  My blog won't be down for long...and I doubt that there's all that much FOMO amongst my followers out there when it comes to this humble "String of Pearls."


  1. It worked! Yippee! (I just couldn't figure out how to add a photo. My love/hate relationship with computers continues...)

  2. I am so happy it worked..... I need my String of Pearls fix!!

  3. Rini, you are the most loyal follower a blogger ever had...not to mention an awesome sister.

  4. I look forward to this every day... even on vacation! Not to mention, loving getting to know my sister better!! You are an awesone sister, too!

  5. Oops... awesome, not awesone!