Thursday, October 27, 2011

Besse Pease Gutmann Week, Day 4

Here is another endearing painting by Besse Pease Gutmann entitled "Love is Blind." It depicts a cherubic little girl hugging her favorite dolly while a much newer, fancier one sits ignored on the floor. This little angel prefers her old, worn-out doll, missing foot and all, to any other. Awww...this is just so sweet. I hope it's true, too, that love is blind, and that my husband's eyesight isn't quite perfect anymore--especially now that I'm on the wrong side of fifty!

I believe my mother-in-law was a Besse Pease Gutmann fan, too, because a framed print of this vintage Gutmann painting--along with at least one other--hangs in one of the bedrooms of her house. That may be one of the reasons that I love this artist's paintings so much: they remind me of my wonderful mother-in-law and the many interests we shared, one of them being dolls.

It was hard being a doll fanatic while raising only sons, because there was no one in my house with whom to share this passion. I took a porcelain dollmaking class for several years when my four oldest boys were still in grade school, dreaming of the day when I might have a daughter--or when it became obvious that that wasn't going to happen, a granddaughter--for whom to make them. Well, dreams do come true sometimes; because in June I became a first-time grandmother to not one, but TWO granddaughters. And if I'm lucky, an interest in dolls is something the girls and I can share someday.

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