Monday, April 4, 2011


I had planned to do a quick post on Monday about perseverance. I was hardly going to write anything, because I thought this picture was worth a thousand words. Talk about never giving up, and putting your all into something! These two chubby baby creatures show that with determination, no mountain is too high. (This is a vintage painting by artist Besse Pease Gutmann, one of my favorites.)

I had not intended to write about sports (again!), because I had this theme of "perseverance" all picked out, and I wanted to stick to that; but then tonight, the Notre Dame women's basketball team went and displayed a great deal of perseverance by playing their hearts out and upsetting #1 ranked UConn, the perennial powerhouse of women's hoops, 72-63. I knew I was going to have to comment on this impressive feat. (It's well after midnight as I write this, having stayed up to watch the game--or more accurately, to do some handsewing while the game was on in the background.) The Irish put on quite a show, outscoring the Huskies 46-31 in the second half. UConn had beaten ND 3 times during the regular season, but they came up short when it counted and are now officially out of the race. The Irish gals are the ones who've earned a spot in Tuesday's NCAA championship game against the Aggies of Texas A&M.

So congratulations to the ND women's basketball team, who fought the good fight and never gave up!

Go Irish!